Dog Zodiac Signs Know What Your Dog’s Star Sign Says About Their Personality

Dog Zodiac Signs: Know What Your Dog’s Star Sign Says About Their Personality

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Most of us often believe that our personality is highly influenced by our birth date and the zodiac sign that is associated with it. We are always curious about what our stars say about our personalities. We always look into horoscopes to understand ourselves better. In this blog we inform you about Dog Zodiac Signs.

They often check the horoscope of our nearest and dearest ones, our companions, our best friends, and our family. But have you ever thought of your dog’s zodiac sign and how does it matter to you?

Wait…! What? Do dogs even have their personality associated with their birth star? How to know about this?

Yes, Dogs too have zodiac signs that impact their personality. We all are part of cosmic energy and have our characters attributed to our signs, whether be fiery Aries or emotional Pisces.

Like humans, dogs too have a unique personality that is based on their stars. According to stardust, “ Astrologers can cast Astrology Charts for all animals! It will help us to understand the needs and emotions of our pets, as they can’t communicate with us, the astrology chart speaks for them.”

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How Does Your Dog’s Astrology Matter to You?

You might be knowing about horoscopes. It is a prediction about your future based on the cosmos at a specific time. But astrology doesn’t constraint that, it is much more.

According to Astrology, Dogs fall under one of the 12 dog zodiac signs and that sign will impact the way he behaves with you. Every sign has its own strengths and weaknesses. It affects his personality trait and his behaviours.

Why Does It Be Important To Know About Your Dog Zodiac Signs?

Why Does It Be Important To Know About Your Dog Zodiac Signs?

Dogs impart love and care and loyalty to their owners. Their affection is priceless and they are the perfect partner for us.

Some dogs have calm and easy-going personalities, some are comfortable with other pets including cats, while others don’t let strange people, dogs, cats, or other animals invade their properties. Some are cool and others are too possessive. 

Dog’s personality and his behaviour are due to the star he belongs to. Best friendship will be made when your and your dog’s sign match. 

If you don’t know the exact date of your dog’s birth, you can check it with the shelters you adopted him from or can go with his adoption date.

Now, let us go ahead to know about the different zodiac signs of dogs along with the personality traits and which dog will match your personality.

1. Aries (March 21 to April 20)


The dogs born under this sign are determined and have strong willpower and don’t like to be told what they have to do. Being ruled by Mars, these dogs are bold, smart, intelligent, playful and highly energetic. 

They like to be the centre of your attraction. Having vibrant personalities, they will be more compatible with like-minded people who are very active. They are compatible with Aquarius-born humans.

Aries dogs will be Karelian Bear Dogs, Border Collies, or Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd.

2. Taurus (April 21 to May 20)


These pups prefer maximum comfort. They will be happiest when they get a comfortable and luxurious space to sleep. Being ruled by Venus, they are very shy, gentle, loveable and beautiful. 

They prefer a balanced and non destructive environment. We would like to avoid any disturbances as it leads to stress. They love to be with children and are patient and protective with them.

We have strong willpower and want to do things their way. They are known for their loyalty and will be your forever friend. They are comfortable with humans of the Virgo Sign.

Boxers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Beagles, and Great Dane may fall under this sign.

3. Gemini (May 21 to June 20)


These dogs are highly affectionate, curious and adjustable to any environment. Being ruled by Mercury, they are the most intelligent dogs. 

They possess dual characteristics due to their star. They swiftly change their moods, from passive to aggressive, from positive to negative, and sometimes outgoing to reservedness. 

Gemini are quick learners, exercise lovers, witty and affectionate but tend to get separation anxiety.

They love to be socialized.

Bearded collies, Bischon Frise, Portuguese Water Dogs, and Labrador Retrievers are some of the pets with this sign. 

They can be comfortable with Libra Humans.

4. Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Cancer - Dog Zodiac Signs

These pups are incredibly sweet. Being ruled by Moon, these dogs are highly emotional, sensitive, and nurturing. They are great protectors of their households and young children.

As they love nurturing, they can be great friends with other pets too, especially younger ones. These pups take time to adjust to new people and the new environment.

Rottweilers, Dandie Dinmont Terriers, and Chihuahuas may fall under this sign. 

They will be more comfortable with humans with Scorpio Sun Sign.

5. Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Leo - Dog Zodiac Signs

These canines are fun-loving and need to be with the owners having the same interests. Being ruled by the Sun has a great charm with great positivity. These pups are dignified and self-confident.

They exhibit warm, noble, and generous characters. They love outdoor activities and also bark a lot. Leo like to grab the attention of the crowd and are always the center of attraction even in a group of millions of people. Leo are the most loyal dogs in the zodiac. 

They are strong and quite theatrical. They love to always be in the limelight. Even being social butterflies, these canines are always calm. They don’t like to get ignored and are to be treated like royalty. They have their pride like lions.

Dachshunds, Pugs, Pomeranians, French Bulldogs, and Cairo Terriers may fall under this Sign. 

They are more comfortable with humans having Sagittarius signs.

6. Virgo (August 23 to September 23)


Virgo dogs are the most well-behaved and want everything to be well-organized. Their Ruler is Mercury and as such, they are the calmest dogs that you ever find.

Virgo enjoy being loved and impart equal love to others. They are equally sensitive and are great companions for people. They love to be consistent and need a set of routines. Virgo want to be clean and groomed.

They are neat, curious and like everything in order. Virgo love perfection and don’t like frequent changes.

Shiba Inu, Border Collie, Greyhounds, Pointers, Shetland Sheep Dogs, and Spanish Water Dogs are examples of these Signs. 

They are compatible with Capricorn-born Humans.

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7. Libra (September 23 to October 22)


They love to be always with human and other canine friends. They are usually pretty and fashionable. Venus is their ruler and so they are loving and pleasant. 

They want balance and harmony and they love to be in a peaceful environment and lavish surroundings.

They are compatible with Leo-born Humans. 

Australian Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Siberian Huskies will fall under this sign.

8. Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

Scorpio - Dog Zodiac Signs

They are brave and like to explore new places and new things and they are ruled by Pluto and are highly emotional, strong-willed pups who never leave their work halfway. 

We are your proper protectors and are popular as Single-Owner dogs. Even though they are brave and noble, secretly mushy and emotional. 

They are most compatible with Pisces Humans.

The Great Pyrenees, German Shepherds, Pitbulls, BloodHounds, Bull Mastiffs, Golden Mastiffs, and Golden Retrievers will fall under this Sign.

9. Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)


The pups born under this Sign are happy, outgoing, and optimistic. Their ruler is Jupiter, so they love challenges and like adventures. 

They are royal, generous, and have a great sense of humor. Enjoys freedom and spontaneity. They have infectious laughs. Being cute they are stubborn. 

They become compatible with Aries-born Humans. 

Corgis, Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, Russel Terriers, and Shih Tzus all come under this Sign.

10. Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

Capricorn - Dog Zodiac Signs

These canines are responsible, disciplined, and hard workers and they are ruled by Saturn and therefore prefer cleanliness. 

They like to roam around and value self-control. and they will work hard to get what they want. Love exercise and are active, adventurous, and practical and they are dependent dogs and sturdy in nature.

Belgian Sheepdogs, Shar Pei, Pekingese, Rhodesian RidgeBacks, and Shiba Inu fall under Capricorn.

11. Aquarius ( January 20 to February 18)


They are intelligent, loving, and caring dogs of all. Uranus rules them and so they are eccentric, their moods swing swiftly. 

They are highly independent but need time to adjust.

They are quirky, and funny but are smart enough to make tricks easier and they love to relax and recharge.

West Highland Terriers, Labrador Retrievers, Poodles, Lhasa Apso, Collies, Havanese, and Poodles will be the best Aquarians.

12. Pisces ( February 19 to March 20)

Pisces - Dog Zodiac Signs

They are intelligent, curious, bright, and kind, and love cuddling and a peaceful environment. As Jupiter is the Ruler, they are sweet, non-aggressive, and love what they want. They are gentle and kind and highly intuitive and can sense your mood due to which they are considered to be excellent therapists. 

They are most compatible with people born with Cancer.

St. Bernard, Cocker Spaniels, Chihuahuas, Maltese, and Pomeranians are Pisces Dogs.


Conclusion - Dog Zodiac Signs
Dog Zodiac Signs

Dogs are the ultimate friends of people. Knowing their birth sign will help you to understand their personality better.  

Their soft and gentle personality may be due to Pisces, or Pride and royalty are due to Leo.

Different dogs have variable natures and personalities due to their Zodiac Signs. 

You can refer to the article and know which dog best suits you. But remember it may be a mere prediction, and all the dogs are loyal to their owners and are true lifetime gifts to you as friends.

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