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Poodles come in three size varieties: the standard should be over 15 long at the shoulder; Miniatures are 15 or less; Toys stand no more than 10 . All three varieties have the same build and proportion. In dog shows, poodles are commonly seen in continental clips. Most pet owners prefer simple sporting clips, in which the coat is cut to follow the outline of a squarely constructed, smoothly fleshy body.

Those old stereotypes of poodles are forgotten like sissy dogs. Poodles are keen, athletic and wicked smart “”real dogs”” of remarkable versatility. The standard, with its large size and strength, is the best all-round athlete in the family, but all poodles can be trained with great success.

Poodle Dog Breed


The poodle is France’s national dog, and the French make sure they love their poodle. However, there is no such breed as the “”French Poodle””. In France, poodles are known as canachi or “”duck dogs””.

Despite Puddle’s association with France, the breed originated as a duck hunter in Germany, where the term “”pudelin”” refers to splattering in water. The Standard Poodle began its development as a reclaimed water dog over 400 years old. With a crisp, curly coat as protection against the elements, superb swimming ability and off-the-chart intelligence, the puddle was, and still is, a superb retriever. (The standard and miniature varieties are classified as a non-game dog and are eligible for the AKC Retriever and Spaniel Hunting Test).

The flamboyant poodle show coat served a practical purpose in the early years of the breed. Hunters wanted their dogs to have free movement of water, but they also wanted to protect important areas of anatomy from freezing. He shaved the legs, neck and tail but left the joints of the chest, hips and feet. Round bunches at the tip of the legs, hips and tail are called pompons. (Note the spelling: Cheerleaders have pom-poms; poodles have pompons.)

Many of the best qualities of the poodle allowed it to be carried from the lake into the lap of luxury. Elegant poodles of standard and miniature varieties were favored by the nobles of France and, eventually, throughout Europe. The show’s design and trainingability of the breed made it a natural pastime, and poodles have long been associated with the European circus tradition. An excellent nose gave the puddle additional work as a treble hunter.

The standard was cut down to short. The toy was first introduced in America, in the early 20th century, as a Companion Dog living in the city. Well-bred specimens of each variety are exact replicas of each other and bred to the same standard.

General Appearance

A very active, intelligent and elegant looking dog, squarely built, well proportioned, at the speed of sound and carrying himself proudly. Traditionally wrapped correctly and carefully groomed, Poodle introduced an air of distinction and dignity about himself.

Poodle Dog Breed


This breed is not the brightest, they are easy to train and are apartment friendly


This breed needs a lot of maintainence and they are stubborn
Poodle Dog Breed


The gestation period in lasts for 60-64 days The primary period of the reproductive cycle of the female is called Proestrus and goes on for around 9 days. During this time the females begin to draw in males. The subsequent part is the Estrus when the bitch is receptive to the male. It goes on for around 3 to 11 days. The third part is the Diestrus. Usually, it happens around day 14. In this period the bitch’s discharge changes for distinctive red and reaching its end. The vulva gets back to average, and she will no longer allow mating. The fourth part called the Anestrus. The time span between heat periods ordinarily keeps going around a half year. The litter size ranges between 6 to 8 puppies at a time’.


Unless you plan to keep your poodle in a shorter trim, you will need to learn how to brush it daily to keep your coat off the mat. If you do not brush and comb a fully coated puddle to the skin, the hair will mature near the roots and everyone will have to be shaved to begin with the new growth. Most pet owners choose to keep the puddle in a lower trim. Some owners learn to do this clipping and trim themselves, while others take their dogs to a professional dog groomer every four to six weeks to bathe, groom, and nail trim. The relatively redundant coat of the breed makes the breed a good choice for people with allergies.


Poodles are highly intelligent and easily trained. They are nimble and handsome as well as smart, and they enjoy and excel at a variety of canine sports, including agility, obedience and tracking. They are excellent water-retainers and also compete in dock diving and retriever hunt trials. Poodles are very people oriented, and if your training routines are fun and positive, they are quick to make you happy. Just make sure you are consistent with what you are asking.


Poodles of any size are very active dogs that need good exercise every day to suit their high energy levels. Poodles are eager for all kinds of activity, and they enjoy keeping busy. Swimming is a great exercise for them, and most poodles prefer to stay in the water. Born as Hunting Dogs, their impulse is to reclaim, so throwing toys, sticks or balls for them will exercise both their brains and bodies. They also go for a jog or a long walk with their human.


No matter what size the poodle has stolen your heart, you will want to feed him or possible dog food. Your vet or breeder can help you decide the right food for your dog’s age, activity level, and size. Some dogs are at risk of being overweight, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level. If you choose to give treatment to your dog, do so in moderation. Treatment training can be an important aid, but giving too much can lead to obesity. Never feed cooked bones or fatty table scraper to the dog. Know which human foods are safe for dogs, and which are not. If you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet, check with your vet.


Most poodles lead long, happy, healthy lives thanks to the efforts of dedicated, responsible breeders who routinely test all breeding stocks. As with all breeds, however, there may be some health problems, including hip dysplasia and many eye disorders. On this occasion, idiopathic epilepsy, sebaceous gout, von Willebrand disease and immune-mediated disorders are also seen in the breed. Two orthopedic problems, Leg-Calvey-Perth and Luxing Patellas, are more likely to occur in toy and miniature poodles than by standards. Standard variation is at greater risk for gastric dilatation with volvulus (bloat) and sebaceous adenitis.

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