Is Jogging Or Running Safe For Your Dog

Is Jogging Or Running Safe For Your Dog?

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If you are a fitness freak, you will be going out jogging daily or regularly. What if you get a companion along with you for running? In this blog we inform you about is jogging or running safe for your dog?

Guess, who will be the perfect partner for you while jogging? Yes, it will be none other than your furry and friendly doggy, who also needs some sort of activity to burn those extra kilos. 

What are the benefits of jogging?

As said by many expert physicians, jogging helps in shedding weight. It is the best exercise to stay in shape. Your cardio health will improve. 

Due to this reason, many people prefer jogging over other regular exercises. You don’t need to spend extra hours and money on those expensive gyms.

Is it necessary to take your dog along with you for a jog?

Of course, Yes! you can also take your dog along with you for running a short mile. The dogs too need some sort of exercise to be active and to maintain shape.

But….Wait, you need to consider some important things before taking your dog for a jog. Do you need to know whether your dog is capable of jogging miles with you? 

Whether he needs some treats while jogging? Does he need any care during jogging? So on and so forth.

Now, let us go into detail about whether jogging or running is safe for your dog. And what are the factors to consider while taking him for a jog? 

What are the benefits of jogging with your dog? How to train your dog to jog with you?

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What Is Jogging Doing To Your Dog?

What Is Jogging Doing To Your Dog?

Jogging is good for your physical and mental health as well as your dog’s overall health. It helps in burning calories. 

Your heart health will also get maintained. It gives overall fitness to your body and brings good shape to your structure. 

Similarly, jogging helps your furry friend also to reduce his extra kilos, to maintain the cardiac health of your dog. It enables him to maintain his physique.

Just like humans, not every dog is capable of running long distances and even many dogs which are good runners can’t run miles together at a stretch.

As said by Richard Goldstein, “ Running with dogs will be amazing, but joggers need to take care of their dog as much as they do for themself.” 

  • Need to carry an extra bottle for dogs as it needs double the amount of water as humans since they get dehydrated soon.
  • Need to carry some treats so that they can get fed and resume jogging with you.
  • Get a better leash for your dog for jogging. It has to be of proper size, neither too long, nor too short.
  • Don’t make your dog run in extreme weather. Hot and humid climates may result in tiredness and dehydration. It can also cause heat stroke. Doggies do pant to keep themselves cool but it causes water loss and dehydration. Jogging in summer may burn their feet. 
  • Even the age of your pup will also matter. If he is too young, he is not capable of running distances. If he is aged, he may experience bone weakness or arthritis, similar to humans. 
  • Some breeds are experts in running and are active, but dogs with small snouts and short dogs feel exhausted after certain distances.

What Are The Benefits Of Jogging With Your Dog?

What Are The Benefits Of Jogging With Your Dog?
  1. Running with your dog improves your pace.
  2. Your dog will be the perfect motivator for jogging. If you feel too lazy to jog, your dog will motivate you, by keeping his leash on his mouth and looking at you with wide-open eyes and making a sad face.
  3. It gives both a healthy high which means helps to maintain the haemoglobin level in control.
  4. You can keep your and your pet’s weight on regular check.
  5. Your dog will be the perfect bodyguard for you.
  6. He forces you not to get overstressed.
  7. He never complains or never makes excuses like your human partners do.
  8. It can even benefit in making new friends.

Is Jogging Or Running Safe For Your Dog?

It’s a daily scene in modern cities and parks, the owners will be coming out for a jog along with their dogs. 

Dogs will be happier to enjoy an environment away from home and try to keep pace with their owners. But you might have also seen some owners dragging their dog, even if the dog is trying to catch his breath, running too fast for their dogs to keep up. This is harsh and unsafe and deadly for many dogs. 

Keep the following things in mind before taking your pup for a jog.

  1. Some dogs are bred for a long day activity, such as huskies, Australian shepherds, and greyhounds. Many other breeds are capable of longer distances. Some dogs are not capable of running miles like bulldogs, boxers, or dogs with short noses, as it may cause respiratory problems to them.
  2. Consider the age of your dog, too young or too old dogs cannot run long distances because it will affect their soft bones.
  3. Even the health of the dog will also matter, if your dog has heart, respiratory, muscle, and joint issues then jogging will put your dog in danger.
  4. The weather must be suitable for your dogs.
  5. You need to pay attention to your dog while jogging. Stop and keep a check on your buddy when he is panting too much or showing signs of dehydration.

Why Is Jogging Considered Unsafe For Your Dog?

Why Is Jogging Considered Unsafe For Your Dog?

Jogging may cause the following issues for your dog:

  • Can cause wear and tear on their paw pads.
  • May cause muscular pain and stiffness.
  • Can cause heat stroke.
  • Can increase joint injury.
  • Can change the behaviour.

How To Train Your Dog To Run With You?

  1. Start with a walk and then slowly increase the speed.
  2. Switch between walking and jogging.
  3. Consult your vet before taking him out for jogging.
  4. Teach him some cues like head for the door, let’s run, let’s walk, etc.
  5. Try to teach him to even jog with you without a leash.



Every dog loves to run..behind squirrels, pigs, or other dogs…But some dogs will be so active and good runners and give you good company. 

Dogs, being completely domesticated for many years, have become best friends with humans. They always help us in many ways, like guarding the home, herding, and being a perfect partner for your little ones.

They like to spend time with you, they understand your feelings, and they are your best exercise partner and also a jogging companion, in the morning or the evening. 

Dogs to be taken care of while you want to take them jogging because many will not be good marathon racers and born athletes.

You must try to take care of making it a fun and enthusiastic activity, but not a disastrous one. Consider the breed, age, health, and condition of your dog before jogging.

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