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Why is Training Important for Dogs-Know by expert Training Center in Delhi

Does your dog always mischievous, refuses to obey you, is always playful or barks at others all the time? No worries, Monkoodog dog training service in Delhi is the key to your issues.

Dog training helps in early socialization, strengthening the bond between dog and dog parents, and makes him a well-behaved pooch. 

Dog training is necessary as it improves his mental and physical health. Training a dog might not be easy, but with proper care, patience, and the right techniques, he will become a better canine citizen.

Being the best dog training provider in Delhi, Monkoodog provides you with at-home dog training services at affordable prices.  

We make sure that our dog trainers in Delhi are highly qualified and professionals. 

If you need more clarification about the quality of service or which dog training method best suits your dog, just book an appointment with Monkoodog, and our dog trainers will reach out to you and give a demo based on your dog’s current behavior. The dog trainer will then decide which dog training he needs. 

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How To Get Start Dog Training in Delhi?

  • Download The App Now:

Download the Monkoodog App on your Android/iPhone. 

  • Book A Demo Session: 

Let our trainers assess your dog and counsel your queries at home. 

  • Select Your Package: 

Once you’re satisfied with our Demo, our trainer helps you to select the right training package for your dog.

  • Pay And Get Started: 

Pay through our secure Monkoodog app and let your dog begin his training journey. 

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Why Choose Monkoodog Dog Training Service In Delhi?

Monkoodog will provide you with the best at-home dog training service in Delhi at a discounted price. 

We have expert dog trainers who have years of experience in dog training and can handle any situation.  

You can choose Monkoodog dog training service in Delhi as we assure you:  

  • Certified, experienced, and professional trainers
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • In-home and professional service
  • Solving behavioural issues with expert trainers
  • Positive reinforcement training/techniques
  • Transformational and guaranteed results
  • Best offers on your first purchase
  • Easy and secure payment option
  • Happy pets and satisfied customers
Our Programmes Include:
  • Basic Obedience Dog Training
  • Basic to Advance Dog Training
  • Training for Behavior Aggression Management
  • Puppy Socialization Training
  • Special Training for Guard Dogs
With Are Efficient Features You Get:
  • Easy Access to Service Providers
  • In-Home Service
  • Best Market Prices
  • Credible and Professional Service
  • Easy and Secure Payment Options

Dog training for dogs may be the solution if your pet is exhibiting behavioural problems. Although training your dog might be difficult, the benefits are worthwhile. Connect via Monkoodog and get the benefit of Dog Training in Delhi.

Our Dog Training Services In Delhi:

You will be getting various dog training services, from basic potty and social training to personal protection/guard training, Monkoodog provides you with the best class training in Delhi. Our dog training methods in Delhi rely only on positive reinforcement techniques and no punishment is used. 

What Are The Dog Training Packages In Delhi:

  1. Pet Assessment demo session = Rs.499/-.

What it includes:

  • Pet assessment program
  • Parent counseling
  • Tailored training routine
  • Assessment report

We also provide other demo sessions for Rs.999/- in cases of aggressive dogs. You can check this demo in the Monkoodog App.

  1. Puppy Program Or Socialization Program = Rs. 8999/-

This program includes:

  • Puppy assessment
  • Parent counseling
  • Socialization 
  • Desensitization to touch, noise and objects
  • Name recognition
  • House manners – pee/potty training
  • Accepting to use collar, leash, or harness
  • The foundation of obedience training such as: 
  1. Come
  2. Sit
  3. Stand
  4. Stay
  5. Yes/No and 
  6. Eat on command prompts


  1. The Obedience Training Program = Rs.8999/-. 

     What this program involves:

  • Pet assessment 
  • Parent counselling
  • Teaching advanced commands 


  1. Retrieve
  2. Take it
  3. Fetch and leave
  4. Talking – speak/quiet
  5. Walk on a leash
  • Special moves like
  1. Sit pretty 
  2. Bow 
  3. Namaste
  4. Kiss
  5. Crawl
  • Socialization
  • House manners – pee/potty training
  • Mastering the basic manners such as
  1. Come
  2. Sit
  3. Stand
  4. Stay
  5. Place
  6. Yes/No


  1. The Advance Obedience Program = Rs.9999/-. 

What it contains:

  • Pet assessment 
  • Parent counselling
  • Teaching advanced training like 
  1. Heel
  2. Touch/target
  3. Eat on command 
  4. Crate training
  5. Muzzle training
  • Mastering commands 
  • Mastering special moves
  • Socialization
  • House manners – pee/potty training


  1. Aggression and behaviour modification training = 14,999/-. 

What it includes: 

  • Pet assessment
  • Parent counselling
  • Identifying aggression and cause
  • Correcting the wrong behaviour


  1. Guarding and IPO protection program = Rs.19999/- per month. 

The program involves: 

  • Pet assessment 
  • Parent counselling
  • Personal guarding like 
  1. Protection of loved ones, 
  2. Guarding house,
  3. Protecting household articles
  • IPO protection training 
  1. Guarding
  2. Recalling. 
  3. Re-attacking
  4. Bite-work, etc.
  • Scent detection
  • Tracking 

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