5 Crazy Activities to Burn Your Dog's Energy

5 Crazy Activities to Burn Your Dog’s Energy

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Dogs are loyal, compassionate, and adorable, Isn’t it? But they can be lifesavers and the world’s best mothers as well! In this blog we inform you about 5 crazy activities to burn your dog’s energy.

But the most exciting and lovely story to me up to this date would always be of Ms. Lauren Gauthier and her dog. 

According to her, Dogs seem to have a sixth sense that nobody knows of yet; Ms. Lauren was fortunate enough to save a one-eyed dog named “Victoria.” 

But much to her surprise, It would eventually be Victoria who would save her life from a deadly disease. 

One day Victoria started sniffing and putting her nose to Lauren’s nose, where cancer grew every day. 

Lauren became suspicious of this nature and decided to test her body and discovered cancer early, allowing doctors to remove it surgically. 

It turns out that the dog’s smelling a disease isn’t a one-time occurrence; Studies reveal that their nose has almost 300 million sensors, unlike humans, who have 5 million. 

Interesting facts about dogs, right?! 

But it is only possible for dogs to help us if we support them by making them stay fit and healthy. 

COVID 19 made us stop our outdoor activities, so how did we stay fit? By working out at home, Isn’t it? Exactly! 

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Many activities are available to burn a dog’s energy, and it’s strongly recommended that you apply them to your furry friend too! 

But what are these crazy activities? 

Let’s reveal them! 

1. Change their toys 

Change their toys

Have you ever observed your dog playing with the same toy repeatedly? Please make an effort to stop it! 

Your dog will display much greater energy and will be active in playing with toys that are new to them throughout the day. 

Don’t worry; You don’t need to spend money on expensive new toys all the time. The simple trick is to hide the toys your dog isn’t paying attention to and introduce it to them a few weeks later on. 

If they are a toy-loving breed of canine, they’ll definitely burn out their energy and tire themselves just by jumping around the whole day with the new toy. 

If they keep playing with their old toys, the chances are that your dog may get bored and lie down in one place all day which is not suitable for them. 

2. Play Hide and Seek with your Dog 

Play Hide and Seek with your Dog

Who doesn’t love to Hide and Seek? Your dog is not an exception! It is one of the best games to burn out some energy and calories and have fun simultaneously. 

You can play hide and seek with your dog in your house and let them find you out all the time. Wait until your dog is distracted by a person or a ball, and then immediately hide in the closet or the next room. 

If your dog doesn’t come looking for you, then call out their names, it will alarm them, and they will start looking out for you. Give them a treat if they successfully find you. 

This game comes in handy if you cannot find your dog at the dark park. 

3. Set an Obstacle in their path 

Set an Obstacle in their path

You don’t necessarily have to give them army training, but you can simply set up an obstacle course in your house. 

You can place tapes or small objects at the entrance of the doorways to create jumps or evading points for your dog or bars so that they can dive under them. 

The best way is to rearrange the furniture in your house to walk them around. Have them jump on couches and furniture but please be safe. 

4. Play the Shell game along with your dog 

Play the Shell game along with your dog - Dog's Energy

A Shell game is quite entertaining to watch on Youtube, Right? Damn, The dog’s reactions say it all! 

You will need a few extra treats and two or three cups to play the Shell game. Show your dog the treats before you put them under the cup, and let them observe you while putting them in one of those cups. 

Switch the cups twice or thrice, and ask your dog to choose the cup where they will get the treat! 

Most dogs will knock out the cup where you have hidden the food item; Slowly, as your dog learns the game, it will be more difficult for you to hide the treat from them. But that’s the main idea, right? To make them play this activity and lose the energy and calories within them. 

The Shell game is one of the most exciting games with your dog. 

5. Play a Fetch or a Frisby game with your dog 

Play a Fetch or a Frisby game with your dog - Dog's Energy

Many dogs love to play and run behind Frisby and Fetches. But if it is not convenient to take them outside, you can always play on your building stairs with them as long as your society members allow it. 

The idea here is to make your dog run to grab that object and bring it back to you if possible. 

But make sure that you play in a safe area where it is not harmful to them or you to run around. 

By playing this game, they will be able to run and chase their targets with ease and help themselves stay fit and healthy. 

Suppose you don’t have a toy that can be used as a fetch or anything else. You can also use a stick that can be thrown around and used instead. 

If you follow this at least once a week, nothing will stop your dog from staying healthy. 


Conclusion - Dog's Energy

Exercise and activities help your dog burn their energies and fats like nothing else. Just because you are stuck in your house because of a lockdown doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t need exercise. 

If the weather is not what you expect or you can’t get your dog outside, you can still perform the indoor exercises mentioned above and keep them moving inside your house. 

Long walks can also help burn their energy, and hiring a walker or taking your dog to pet care is also a great idea!

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