Coronavirus Vaccine

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Coronavirus Vaccine
Cancellation and refund request(s) made within 2 hours before the service date and time would be entitled to a full refund
Our trusted veterinarian will connect with you via call and visit you for the vaccination slot you have booked.


Canine Coronavirus (CCoV) is a highly contagious intestinal infection in dogs, particularly puppies. Even though the canine coronavirus is often transient, affected dogs may experience severe abdominal pain for a few days. There are numerous coronavirus kinds, and each one affects various animal species, including people. 

An effective vaccine against the coronavirus is the non-core canine corona vaccine. The dog receives its initial treatment at 75 days old, and a booster dose is administered again at 110 days. You need to get your pup vaccinated against CCov and Monkoodog is here at your doorsteps to deliver. 

With the Coronavirus Vaccine pack, you get:

  • Non Core Coronavirus Vaccine
  • Heavy discounts on already fair market prices
  • Experienced Veterinarian service in the comfort of your home
  • A digital vaccination card with healthy reminders of the next vaccine through our app
  • Complementary consultancy on your pet’s health

At Monkoodog, we adhere to all regulations on pet vaccinations set forth by the GOI and VCI, and vaccinations are only administered by veterinarians following a clinical examination. Experience a premium service of immunization in the comfort of your house without waiting or worrying about the queue lines. 

We understand the stress of traveling with an anxious pet, especially for first-time owners. So sit back and relax, we are just one call away!

You no longer have to be worried about misplacing or losing the record card. We provide you with a modern solution of digitized vaccination record cards.

Afraid of missing the next appointment? Don’t worry we will remind you with notifications and calls. We believe in simplifying things so you enjoy all the time with your buddy. With Monkoodog you get:

  • Easy cancellations and Refund
  • Easy Slot booking and rescheduling
  • Secure payments
  • 24/7 customer support.

 Book the slot and enjoy the care of the Monkoodog App.

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