How to Care for your Kids' Christmas Present Dog

How to Care for Your Kids’ Christmas Present Dog

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Getting a new dog as a Christmas gift is an exciting experience for your kids. But it’s also pretty overwhelming, especially when you don’t know anything about taking care of pets. So what is the best way to care for your newest family member?

Well, the good news is that dogs can be easy to care for if you know how! Depending on the breed, their needs can be minimal. Here are some of our best tips on how to take care of your new family pet. 

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Be Patient and Give It a Little Bit of Time.

The first few weeks are going to be the hardest for both of you. Dogs are very instinctive and need a lot of time to adjust to their new surroundings, new people, and new routines.

It’s not unusual for dogs to be very nervous, especially if they have been in a rescue shelter for a long time. It’s a good idea to be ready for a few weeks of getting used to one another.

It will get less and less tense as you go on, but it’s important not to stress over it too much. It’s also important not to train your new pup right away! You’ll find that it becomes less and less difficult as your dog gets used to its new surroundings.  

Get Your Dog Used to You and Your Home

The best way to make sure your new dog feels safe and comfortable in your home is to get them used to you and your surroundings as soon as possible.

The type of environment your new dog is used to will play a big role in their overall comfort level. If your dog has adapted well to your home, then you can start taking your pet on walks outside to find out his or her personality and preferences. 

If your dog enjoys being outside, you can begin establishing a daily walking routine with your new pet and If your new pet prefers to stay inside, it might be a good idea to occasionally take it for walks and let it play with your kids in your garden.  

Train Them from an Early Stage

Dogs need predictability and routine, especially if they’re puppies. If you can train and create a routine that is predictable, reliable and satisfying for both you and your dog, you’ll find that they’re so much happier in life.

It also makes your life easier because you will reduce your dog’s bad behaviors, such as urinating on the carpet or barking at everything.

Creating a daily routine also entails feeding your dog at the same time each day, taking them on walks to places they are familiar with, and ensuring they get the same amount of sleep at night. 

Feed Them a Good Diet and Keep Up-To-Date with Vaccinations

Healthy dogs are happy dogs! One of the best ways to ensure that your pet is in good health is to feed them a good nutritional diet and make sure they are up to date with their vaccinations.

You might also want to think about getting pet insurance for dogs that cover routine vet visits and vaccinations. Both of these things are simple to do, so don’t be put off by them.  

It’s also important to keep your dog hydrated, so ensure that the water bowl is full. Food is a good motivator, so you can also reward your dog with dog treats for good behavior to help them learn to associate certain actions with treats. 

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Get Your New Pup Used to Strangers

Dogs are naturally protective of their owners, which can make them wary of strangers. So it’s important to get your new pup used to being around people that they aren’t familiar with.

It’s best to practice around people who are likely to feel at ease around dogs, such as family members, friends, and dog park visitors. It’ll help your pet feel secure while also making them much more approachable.  

Dogs Can Benefit from Toys, Too!

Dogs of all ages can benefit from having toys. Toys provide mental and physical stimulation and can help prevent boredom, destructive behaviors, and anxiety. Toys can also be a great way for dogs to bond with their owners while getting exercise. 

Interactive toys like treat-dispensing puzzles that require your dog to solve a problem to get a reward are especially beneficial.

Chew toys are also great for young puppies or senior dogs to keep their teeth healthy and clean. Besides, toys can also provide comfort for dogs with separation anxiety or who are feeling lonely or stressed.  

Don’t Forget the Bedding and the Toilet

When selecting bedding, consider your dog’s age, size, coat type, activity level, and any special needs they may have.

Mattress pad beds are often a popular choice for most dogs, as the rectangular shape allows them to move around and change positions.

Orthopedic and doughnut beds are good choices for senior dogs and puppies. Make sure to do your research on any bedding you are considering purchasing to ensure it is durable and of good quality. 

Potty training your dog is also an important part of owning a pet. It helps your pet learn the correct behaviors and stick to a routine.

Potty training usually begins with setting a schedule and teaching your dog the appropriate words and commands.  

It’s also important to take your dog outside to the same spot each time they need to go while making sure they have plenty of time to sniff and explore outside.

Also, when your pet goes in the right spot, reward them with praise or treats so they can associate it with food.

Lastly, make sure to be patient and consistent throughout the process, as it may take some time for your pet to learn these new behaviors.  

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