10 Ultimate Signs That Show Your Dog Is Connected to You

10 Ultimate Signs That Show Your Dog Is Connected to You

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A dog’s love is always unconditional and never-ending, and their loyalty is off the charts. They are called a Man’s Best friend because they will stand by your side no matter the situation! In this blog we inform you about 10 ultimate signs that show your dog is connected to you.

Dogs can go to any level to protect and love their owners, even during the most intense situations, or sometimes they feel anxious and stressed when their owners are not around.. 


‘Hachiko’ was the name of one of the most faithful and loving dogs to have ever existed on earth. His master was greeted daily by the loyal dog near the Shibuya station. 

One day, Hachiko’s Master died of a cerebral hemorrhage, never making it back to the station where he used to meet the dog. 

But Hachiko never gave up and showed up at the station even after his master passed away. He used to be present during the train’s arrival, which his master used to board and get off for ten years. 

The other passengers thought that Hachiko was not very friendly and did not show any reaction to their petting or attempts to feed him. 

But following the publication of an article in the National Newspaper of Japan, the people and the railway department started showing concern and regularly provided food and medical aid to the dog. 

Hachiko was struggling to keep himself nourished. 

On March 8th, 1935, Hachiko was declared dead on Shibuya street due to terminal cancer and a filaria infection. 

This is one of many emotional stories about the love that dogs shower us with! 

There are always some signs that show you that your dog is super connected to you.. 

These signs of attraction are often easy to notice but, at the same time, are highly complex and challenging to understand and note down because of our busy schedules. 

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I want to show you 10 of the Ultimate Signs that prove that your dog is emotionally attached to you and it’s not a great idea for you to leave them alone… 

So without any further Ado, Let’s begin! 

1. Sniffing their owner

Dogs have a habit of exploring and sensing their environments through their scent. Even to greet each other, they sniff their partner’s butt and other body parts. 

When your dog sniffs you, it’s an indication that they’re happy to see you and love your presence. Since your smell is unique, it triggers pleasure in your dog’s brain and ensures that it’s actually you.. How cool! Isn’t it? 

2. Greetings at the door before even entering 

It’s a sure sign of love when your dog impatiently waits for you at the door and starts getting restless even before you enter to pounce on you and shower their love. 

I know it sounds obvious, but it’s one of the most substantial signs that your dog is connected to you. Sometimes these greetings are backed up by an evening walk or a treat to your furry friend, but it’s a significant win for the human-canine bond. 

3. Sleeping Next to their Owner

Sleeping Next to their Owner

Dogs are very cautious about the potential predators while they are sleeping. Experts call it a “Defensive Position,” but if your dog chooses to sleep next to you, my friend… Congratulations! 

Your dog is exceptionally connected to you, considers you a pack member, and trusts you blindly. 

Most dogs are vulnerable while sleeping; hence, they are in a defensive position; they are very comfortable around people and other animals they trust the most. 

If your dog often sleeps with you, then they love you unconditionally. 

4. They follow their owners all the time. 

They follow their owners all the time

According to the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom study, If your dog follows you everywhere, whether in the house or outside, they trust and love you, and you make them feel absolutely safe! 

Canines are social animals and enjoy being around other beings, and surprisingly even the reserved dogs, who are usually shy around other dogs, enjoy a human being’s company. 

Similarly, if your dog follows you room to room and sniffs on you continuously but not on their heels, it’s still a sign of loving you. 

5. Dogs give you a Gift! 

Dogs give you a Gift - Show Your Dog

Believe it or not, yes, if your dog loves you, you are bound to receive a gift from them… A Santa Dog! 😀 

Unlike cats who present their family members with dead birds or sticks, Dogs tend to gift their owners toys. It sometimes is also a cry for attention or a request to play with them using the toy. 

At the most, it’s a shared essence that your dogs love with their humans to indicate to you to hang out with them simply! 

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6. They are often making eye contact with their owner. 

They are often making eye contact with their owner - Show Your Dog

Eye contact is one of the many things learned in a disciplining and obedience class because it helps your dog focus more on you. Sometimes, eye contact indicates a challenge in the dog’s language, but it’s a sign of trust and love in a loving relationship. 

It’s a common indication of nature, isn’t it? You generally contact the person you trust and respect and often avoid eye contact when you are nervous. 

So as simple as that, If you are petting your dog and looking straight into your eyes, they absolutely trust you and are ready to drop a mountain of love on you! 

7. They tend to perk up at your name. 

They tend to perk up at your name - Show Your Dog

Have you ever seen a dog getting alerted when its name is called up? Yes, Right… 

But if they perk up their ears when your name is called up? 

It means that they are so connected to you that they get alerted at the mere mention of your name, just like how a loved one gets excited to restless if someone calls out their partner’s name. 

8. Your Dog Often steals your shoes or any object that belongs to you. 

I know it gets annoying when your dog takes away your favorite shoes or anything that belongs to you, but they do it for a whole understandable reason. Trust me! 

While this kind of behavior may not be fully implied in trust, Animal Expert Jessica Lockhart says that the dogs are highly comforted with the object because it may seem to have some connection with you. They love to have your “presence” around them all the time. 

To keep something that has a close connection to its owner is the best kind of connection ever! 

9. Dogs try to involve their owners in their herd. 

9. Dogs try to involve their owners in their herd - Show Your Dog

Cattle dogs are used to protect and organize the pool of goats, cows, and sheep. Though it is hilarious to observe if they behave in the same “protective” behavior with you, they are utterly in love with you and want to protect you from other beings. 

At the very least, this behavior means your dog is observant towards you (or your kids) and wants to protect and organize you. 

10. Your dog wags their tail in a precise way in your presence. 

It’s a common belief amongst people that if a dog wags its tail, they are happy and comfortable around you, which is valid. 

Still, a 2007 study conducted by Italian researchers says that their tail reveals the kind of emotions they are feeling. 

A wagging of the tail towards the right side indicates a positive emotion, and a left wag means a negative one. 


Conclusion - Show Your Dog

Easy to note down all the signs now, Right? 

Dogs fall in love much easier and faster than humans do… 

But let’s be honest, You love your pet dog more than you love any humans around you. 

You talk to them without the fear of being judged.. Your pet’s level of love and trust is no different from what you feel towards your other family members. 

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