A complete guide to the hybrid Pyrador- The Great Pyrenees Labrador mix

A complete guide to the hybrid: Pyrador- The Great Pyrenees Labrador mix

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Did you ever plan on petting a labrador or Great Pyrenees? Do you find them both cute as everybody does? Are you still confused as to which one to adopt? Here is the solution, why not adopt an intermix. The Great Pyrenees Labrador mix.

It is a perfect combination of both amazing dogs. They are big dogs with equally big hearts. They are an intermixed breed of polar bear look-alike Great Pyrenees along with Labrador. 

The labrador is well known for their controlled temperament personality, their loyalty, and their absolute devotion to their family members. It is no surprise that the labrador continues to be the most popular dog breed in the USA. The labradors have held this coveted position for 27 years straight. 

The Great Pyrenees on the other hand have been serving as guardians for their flocks for thousands of years. The great Pyrenees’ goal in life is to protect sheep, goats, livestock, people, children, and any real or imaginary predators that may intrude into your personal space.

Amazing breeds

They have this amazing capability to give and give and give unconditional love. They have a strong built of beautiful thick coat and they exude elegance and majesty. One look at them and you can easily see their intelligence and a well-controlled temperament that anyone seeks in a good family dog.

Now imagine the intermixing of these two amazing breeds of dogs, you get a perfect mix in the form of a Great Pyrenees Lab mix called Pyrador.

Mixing the genes of the labradors with other popular breeds is an amazing combination. The most amazing is the mixing of labrador genes with the Great Pyrenees.

This article is going to explain all about the Great Pyrenees lab mix that you need to know.

You will know their history, behavior, health, training, cost, etc. by the end of it. It will help you decide if this particular breed is the right fit for you.

History of Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees Lab mix is the intermix breed of a labrador and Great Pyrenees. They are a new breed so there is not much information available as to where they originated from.

The practice of crossbreeding is a scientific innovation in which the parents of the offspring are two pure breeds and not one breed. The offsprings inherit different traits and look from both the parent breeds and become completely different breeds that feature from both.

Some scientists believe that crossbreeding can prove itself to be a solution to the diseases that are incurable in dogs. The intermix breed can be immune to the diseases that might kill the pure breeds.

But for pyradors specifically, we can trace their origin through their parent breeds. The labradors and the Great Pyrenees.

The labradors originated as a breed in Newfoundland, Canada. Over time, the labradors are termed as devoted family pets. They have amazing capabilities to support their human counterparts therefore perfect as a pet.

The Great Pyrenees originated in the Pyrenees mountains of Southern France and Northern Spain. This breeds primary purpose historically has been to protect livestock, sheep, etc. They are so brave that they protect the livestock from almost all sorts of dangers like wolves, bears, and dangerous animals.

Behavior of Great Pyrenees

Behavior of Great Pyrenees

Crossbreeds can be something very unexpected sometimes as one can never guess what trait of which parent will be dominating. As both the parents have very different traits, it’s really hard to predict which puppy will inherit what. But observing both the parents can help in figuring out a few traits.

As we know, Labradors are famous for being perfect pet material due to their intelligence and supportive behavior. They love to play around with family members but they can’t be comfortable if alone. They might show some destructive behaviors in the absence of a company.

The Great Pyrenees on the other hand are very strong dogs who love to play in cold regions especially around snow. They have well maintained cool temperament as long as their family and the things they are guarding are not under any threat. They are famous for their ability to give unconditional love and loyalty.

As Labradors and the Great Pyrenees share a few traits, some traits can be predicted in Pyrador too. A pyrador is usually an intelligent dog who is very active and loves to play around. They are family-friendly dogs who love their parents and are perfect to pet. Expect a lot of protection from them as they protect their families.


Pyradors like all other features inherit their physical traits from both of their parents. So pyradors differ a lot individually depending upon which puppy inherited what feature from which parent. In every pup, the features of one of the parents dominate. So there are no one criteria of their physical appearance.

A little engineering however ensures the desired color etc. For eg if you choose to crossbreed parents of the same coat color, you can expect the puppy to be of that color as both parents had the same color. However, the color in itself can be a little different from the original color of the parents but will belong to the same family group.

In general, pyradors are large dogs, not very appropriate for apartments. So if you are planning to adopt them, ensure you have a pretty big house as these creatures require a lot of space themselves

Labs usually grow up to 25 inches in height and weigh up to 80 lbs. The Great Pyrenees on the other as can be depicted from the name itself are huge with a height up to 32 inches and weigh around 100 lbs. By the combination of it, one can guess easily, the pyradors are going to be huge dogs. However, due to genetics, the weight and height can differ too much from dog to dog.

Training and Exercise

Training and Exercise

The labradors and the great Pyrenees differ a lot when it comes to their training. On one hand, the labradors love to learn new things and are always trying to please people around them, on the other, the Great Pyrenees is not dependent on others.

There can be no predictions as to what will their pup require in terms of training requirements. They might like training like a labrador or may choose to stay independent like the great Pyrenees. Whatever the case, it is very important to focus upon their training and realizing what they actually like.

Whatever the trait dominates, it is very important to make the activities positive, interesting, and fun. Training also gives you and your pup to bond and know each other. It also ensures a healthy lifestyle for your dog for a long and healthy life.

Both the parents require exercise necessarily. So whatever you decide or plan on to, remember it is very important for them to make them exercise. Exercise ensures that their energy is used in the right places. It saves them from boredom. It prevents them from damaging stuff around the house as their mind will be stable.

This is where a huge place is also required for them to train. Ensure a good yard or garden for them to play, train and exercise. If you are planning to adopt them, ensure that you can manage to take out time every day for their exercise and training.

How to care for?

Because of the cross-breeding, the pyrador can sometimes inherit one or the other diseases from the original pure breed parent. It is very important to ensure early and regular health checkups to prepare for any forthcoming situation or disease.

The life span of both labradors and the Great Pyrenees is 10-12 years. So expect a life expectancy somewhere around 10-12 years itself. Besides, pyradors are prone to inherited diseases that are common to both breeds.

You must adopt the dog from a breeder who is responsible and credible. Choose the breeders who ensure that the cross-breeding is done only amongst those parents who are healthy and free of diseases. Along with that, ensure regular health checkups with a healthy well-balanced diet full of nutrition.

Life Expectancy of Great Pyrenees

The life expectancy of both the parent breeds is around 10-12 years. So, it is assumed that the mix will also have a life expectancy of somewhere around 10-12 years just like the parents. Though, you can always work upon increasing the expectancy by taking good care of their health, ensuring training and exercise, and good food along with regular health checkups.


Just like the parents of the mix breed, the pups will shred too. The pups will definitely need brushing at least once a week. Although the pup might have different features from the different breed parents it won’t make any difference as both the parent breeds shred a lot.

If you happen to be allergic to dogs and pet hair, this is something you need to consider as your allergies might be a trouble if you are planning to adopt the Great Pyrenees lab mix.


As far as grooming of the Great Pyrenees mix is concerned, it’s very easy. Both the parents of the mix are naturally resistant to dirt. This means that the mix will also be resistant to dirt. That helps as now your pup won’t need bathing every day but occasionally.


You might think by the look of the pup that he is difficult to groom and requires a little more effort than the normal dogs, but you are wrong here. They require proper grooming once or at maximum twice a week. It ensures that their coat is in the best condition. You also need to focus upon their ear cleaning, nose cleaning, and occasional nail trimming to prevent any health complications in the future.

How does the Great Pyrenees Lab mix behave as a pet?

This is probably the most important thing for you to know if you are planning to adopt the Great Pyrenees mix.

It is a well-known fact that Labradors are the most common and most famous pets in the United States. It is said that labradors are meant to be pets. So is the case with the great Pyrenees.

Considering the ability of both to love unconditionally and comfort you, it can be expected that their puppy will have the same capability to be a pet.

There is one problem though, unlike other small dogs, the great Pyrenees lab mix is not suitable to adopt if you do not have a house but an apartment.

The pyradors are happier with the owners who are active, have an active lifestyle, and like to play.

When it comes to their family, you are going to love the kind of protection they can provide. They are overprotective when it comes to their family so you need to take care of them when any outsider is present around you for any mishappening.

Overall they are good family dogs. Also because of their creative nature, you can always work upon training them to suit your household.


The cost of the mix can be somewhere around 500 dollars, but it differs a lot depending upon your location, etc.


Well, to make it easy for you, we can make pros and cons list over here.


  • You can not guess the trait of which parent is going to be dominating.
  • They shed a lot, so not suitable for allergic people.
  • They are huge, so the suggestion is not to adopt them if you have an apartment and not a house.
  • Their aggression and overprotective nature sometimes can create trouble in the case of your friends who they do not know.


  • Their ability to love unconditionally.
  • Live long, so you won’t lose them too early.
  • If you are an active person, they can be perfect as what they love and desire the most is an active and playful family.
  • Since they are an intermix, expect some amazing traits different from other dogs.
  • Who can deny how cute they look as they look like both, the labradors and the great Pyrenees.

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