Full Body Checkup for Young & Adult Dogs

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Safeguard your young or adult dog’s health with Monkoodog’s Full Body Checkup. This convenient home test includes 9 essential tests for a complete picture of their well-being.


About this service

Full Body Checkup (Young/Adult Dogs)

Tests Included:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Blood Parasite for Tick Fever
  • Random Sugar
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Liver Function Test (LFT)
  • Kidney Function Test (KFT)
  • Thyroid (T4)
  • Stool Examination Routine


  • Comprehensive health assessment
  • Convenient home testing
  • Early detection of potential issues
  • Proactive healthcare management
  • Expert veterinary support

Additional Information:

  • Performed by qualified veterinary professionals
  • Results typically available within a few days
  • Follow-up consultations available (if needed)


Keep your furry friend healthy throughout life with Monkoodog’s Full Body Checkup for young and adult dogs! This convenient home test package includes nine essential tests to provide a comprehensive assessment of your dog’s well-being, all delivered to your doorstep.

Here’s what makes our Full Body Checkup unique:

  • Complete picture: Unlike basic checkups, ours covers a wider range of tests, including bloodwork, parasite screening, organ function analysis, and thyroid evaluation.
  • Stress-free experience: Skip the vet visit anxiety! Our at-home testing ensures a comfortable and stress-free experience for your dog.
  • Early detection: Early identification of potential health issues like diabetes, tick-borne diseases, and organ dysfunction allows for prompt treatment and better outcomes.

Invest in your dog’s future health! Schedule their Full Body Checkup today. By prioritizing regular checkups, you can ensure your dog enjoys a long and healthy life by your side.

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