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An Insight into the History and Personality of Shiba Inu

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The Shiba Inu dog breed is one of the six breeds that originated in Japan. They are small in size but extremely agile and great as companion and family dogs. They are known to have been originally bred for hunting and now make for a great hiking companion. 

These dogs are the smallest of the six other distinct Japanese dog breeds. They have a fox-like appearance and are known for their free-spirited nature.


As mentioned above, the Shiba Inu dog breed was bred specifically for hunting. The Shiba Inu was raised to pursue and flush minimal game, similar to birds and bunnies. Shiba lived in the abrupt area of the Chūbu region. 

From around 1928, trackers and learned individuals began to show interest in the security of the overabundant pure Shiba; but, despite incessant tries to ensure the assortment, the Shiba nearly ended during World War II on account of a blend of food need and a post-war infection epidemic.

Characteristic Features

Shiba Inu Characteristic Features

The Shinshu Shibas had a solid undercoat, with a thick layer of guard hairs, and were nearly nothing and red in concealing. The Mino Shibas would overall have thick, prick ears, and had a sickle tail, rather than the typical contorted tail found on most present-day Shibas. 

The San’in Shibas were greater than most present-day shibas, and would every day be dim, without the typical tan and white accents viewed as on current dim-and-tan shibas. When the examination of Japanese canines was formalised in the early and mid-20th century, these three strains were joined into one overall assortment, the Shiba Inu. 

The Shiba Inu dog breed was seen by the American Kennel Club in 1992 and added to the AKC Non-Sporting Group in 1993.


The Shiba Inu dog breed is a small, however, profoundly athletic canine with an extremely alert personality, particularly when they’re invigorated or playing. They generally appear to have a grin all over.

 These pups are considered very good looking with their red coats, thick tails held over their backs and fluffy, sharp ears. Shiba’s body frame is small with very evolved muscles. 

The Shiba Inu has double coat fur, with the external coat being firm and straight and the undercoat delicate and thick.  Their Tail hair is slightly longer and towards the end, stands open like in a brush. 

Their tails are a characterising trademark and make them stand separated from other canine varieties, and their tails help to shield them from the unforgiving winter climate. At the point when they rest, Shiba Inus twist up and utilise their tails to safeguard their face and nose to shield their delicate regions from the cold.


Shiba Inu Personality

Shiba Inu dogs have strong, confident characteristics, juxtaposed with a friendliness with their families. These characteristics, along with their watchfulness as hunting dog breeds, make for their most desirable qualities. From time to time, they may appear to be uninterested or even cold toward various other canines, which is why some say their personality resembles a cat. 

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Anyway, they are pleasant to be around and have a free streak, so they shouldn’t be let off rope. There are plenty of intriguing sights and sounds in the world to catch their attention. They can similarly be exceptionally puerile concerning their resources. Henceforth, early socialisation and planning are fundamental with a Shiba Inu dog breed.


This breed is known for its cleanliness and is seen licking its paws and legs often. They can be easily trained and socialised so you should make enough effort from your side. It is said that if you leave them outside after they wake up from their nap or after they have had food, they will learn the basic toilet habits on their own. 

Shiba Yell

Their one unique and defining characteristic feature is their scream, more popularly known as “Shiba-scream” or “Shiba-yell”. This can be seen in them in cases of extremity, in case they are very happy or very annoyed. 

They can be happy to have treats or have a favourable guest over or to go for a walk and they can get annoyed over forceful unprovoked behaviour that is deemed unacceptable by them.


Shiba Inu Socialisation

Shiba Inu Dog breed would make excellent family dogs if they are socialised early on. Socialisation is very important for all dogs but especially for Shiba Inu as they, as hunting dogs, are more prone to running off on seeing a smaller animal as prey.

They are not trusted off-leash as well because of this very reason.  They are feisty dogs and can be very competitive so it is very important to let them know the difference between right and wrong early on only. Discourage bad behaviour as soon as you notice it and offer them treats for encouragement and appreciation.


The health of all dogs should be a priority for all dog owners. It is very hard to see your dog be in a state of pain that could have been avoided with the right kind of care. Do ensure you do not overlook any of the basic care tips that can make their life easier, better and healthier.


Training is a non-negotiable factor involved in cases of all dogs. All dogs need to be trained and socialised, and the same goes for the Shiba Inu dog breed. They need to exercise every day to keep up their stamina and agility. 

They are physically active dogs and would be happy to indulge in fun activities like fetch, or simply running. But they aren’t the easiest to train. The Shiba Inu dogs are active but they are also a little indifferent and moody and would only participate if they want to, which is why it is important to get them into the habit of exercising very early on otherwise their entire energy would be spent on destruction.

Life Span

Their life span is like any other dog, averaging between 11-16 years. They tend to live a long life when provided with proper exercise and nutritious food.


Shiba Inu Cleanliness

The Shiba Inu dog breeds are very particular about their cleanliness and thus grooming is a must for them. It is also something that they tend to look after themselves so your job is made easier. 


They are known for avoiding water and bathing so this is something they need to get used to in the early stages of their lives. Their coats are waterproof and considerably short in length so there is little need for regular bathing but once a week is a must. 


They can sustain cold weather easily because of their thick double coat. Their coats are an essential part of their body and the owners are usually recommended to not disturb the coats by cutting or shaving them. The amount of coat hair they shed is enough grooming for their coats and it needs to be brushed daily but not vigorously.


You can notice when the nails of your dog have grown by the constant clicking sound on the floor but regardless of that, do trim their nails in regular intervals as they might cause physical injury to them. Dogs’ nails have blood vessels within, so if you cut their nails too far, they will start bleeding and would run away from getting their nails trimmed in the future. Unless you are very sure that you will be able to accomplish this task carefully and responsibly do not undertake it and assign it to a vet or a pet caretaker.

Ear Checkup

You should make sure you check your dog’s ear once a week. Look for any sort of redness or swelling or bad odour. 

These are three symptoms you must keep in mind while checking. Do not wait for their ears to get dirty before you give them a clean up and every week, with a cotton ball and a mild ear cleanser, clean their ears. 

Do not actively take a Q-tip and try to clean the insides as that might further damage their ears, just make sure the outside part of the ear is clean.


Shiba Inu dogs are relatively a healthier breed but like every other living creature, they are susceptible to certain health diseases. 

Shiba Inu Health

It is not necessary that your dog would contract this ailment but it is always better to be aware and prepared. The first factor that you should keep in mind for a healthy dog is where you are getting them from. 

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Ensure that your dog breeder is responsible and aware. They are known to be prone to diseases like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and hypothyroidism.


Allergies are common to all dogs and the Shiba Inu dog breed is no exception. They can contract food allergies, contact allergies or inhalant allergies all of which have different causes and cures. 

  • Food Allergies

Food allergies come to the surface upon consumption and can be best discovered through observation. You have to be careful about what you give your dogs and about what you have to eliminate from their diet.

  • Contact Allergies

Contact allergies are hard to be specified as they can be a reaction to substances used around your dog, shampoos or soaps or any other chemicals.

  • Inhalant Allergies

Inhalant allergies are mostly caused by airborne allergens such as pollen or dust. This would require a change of environment to something more suitable for your dog.


Glaucoma is a disease common to both dogs and humans equally. It is an eye disease and in most cases is hereditary. In some cases, it is caused by other eye diseases that can result in the reduction of fluids in the eye. 

You can easily notice the symptoms of this as it causes a lot of pain and if not taken care of on time would lead to permanent vision loss. If noticed on time, this can be cured with eye drops or surgery depending on the severity and progression of the disease.


Cancer is common to all dogs and not something that inflicts only Shiba Inu dog breed. This can be diagnosed with regular checkups and can be treated on time as well.


This is another hereditary disease that causes seizures in dogs. There are many known causes for seizures like the malfunctioning of metabolism, tumours or other brain diseases or any severe head injuries. The symptoms of seizures are noticeable and must be taken care of immediately. 


As the name suggests, hypothyroidism is a disorder of the thyroid gland which can further become the cause for other diseases like seizure or hair loss or even obesity. If you get your dog a regular check-up then the severity of these diseases can be controlled.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is the problem with the hip joints wherein the thigh bone gets displaced and does not fit into the hip joint causing immense pain during physical activities. This can lead to arthritis if not looked after at the right time.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (Pra)

PRA causes the worsening of the retina. This grows gradually, making the dogs blind at night first and then strips them with their daytime vision as well. 


Shiba Inu Care

Shiba Inu dog breeds need constant care and attention as they are known to be breaking off leashes and running away. Their predator instincts get the better of them and tend to go after smaller animals to prey upon. They are best suited for a house that has fenced yards because of the reasons aforementioned. He should always be kept on a leash but you have to leash train them as they are known to dislike being restrained. 


Please note that all dogs depending on their age and size require varying amounts of nutrition in their diet. You should always ask your veterinarian to make up a diet chart for them depending on their age, sex, build and the amount of exercise that they are participating in.

 It is usually recommended to feed your dog in regular intervals after having divided the food into equal portions but again, it is better if you take a doctor’s advice on this.

Companion Dog

Unlike all dogs, Shiba Inu dog breeds are fiery creatures and can be a little out of control at times but this in no way is a segue for them being any less adorable.

They would accompany you on hiking trips, walks and runs and even play with you indoors, actively and happily. They are very agile and full of stamina which allows them more energy and activity, compared to other dogs. and they would love you unconditionally and would expect nothing more in return.

Many times people neglect their duties and delay important appointments which can lead to something very serious. Your dogs expect only care, affection and love and they deserve every bit of it. So, decide to get the Shiba Inu dog breed if you are ready for them, if you are ready to train them and spend time with them otherwise, dogs end up suffering from separation anxiety and can also experience depression. Getting a dog would be the best decision of your life if you spare enough time for them.

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