best dog breeds that can boost your health and personality

The Best Dog Breed That Will Boost Your Health & Personality

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Getting a four-legged companion is a life-changing decision and must be taken seriously. Dogs offer a whole lot of love and affection, strengthen your immune system, help combat depression, and even lower blood pressure. In this blog we inform you about Dog Breed for Your Health and Personality.

However, it is very important to know oneself properly before getting a dog. Why are you getting a pet dog? What are your hobbies and favourite past-times?

What kind of a relationship are you looking for? Who is the dog for – your kids, grandparents, or yourself? These are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before getting a dog.

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#1 Dogs For Fitness Enthusiasts

Looking to go on daily runs or little camping trips with your four-legged partner? Maybe a swimming buddy to tag along to the pool on sultry summer days?

If you’re an active person and looking to spend lots of time outdoors with your pooch, there are some medium to large-sized breeds that are simply perfect for you.

While all dogs enjoy outdoor hours thoroughly, there are some breeds that are best for a Fitness Enthusiast like you:

  1. Labrador Retrievers,
  2. Doberman Pinschers,
  3. Rottweilers,
  4. Irish and English Setters,
  5. Weimaraners,
  6. Border Collies,
  7. German Shepherd Pointer,
  8. German Shepherds, and
  9. Dalmatians.

#2 Dogs That Love Kids

Almost all canine breeds make for the great company if you have children at home but there are some breeds of dogs that are famous for their friendly and protective disposition towards kids.

For example,

  1. Beagles,
  2. Boxers – love being around kids who love to play and romp around, matching their energy levels perfectly.
  3. Dachshunds – are more suited for gentle, older kids while
  4. Labrador Retrievers, and
  5. Saint Bernards – love having kids of all ages around to play with and protect with all their lives.

#3  Independent Dogs For Busy Human Parents

Just because you cannot dedicate a lot of time at home does not mean you cannot adopt a dog. While most dogs are pack animals and prefer being in company than alone, there are some dogs who are quite capable of being by themselves without fussing too much or being destructive

These dogs will suit your busy lifestyle perfectly and include breeds like

  1. Alaskan Malamutes,
  2. Russian Wolfhounds, and
  3. Chinese Shar-Pei.

Your pup can also learn to deal with your absence in the company of another dog. For example, Labradors can easily become friends with papillons and co-exist happily.

#4  Attention Hoggers And Snuggle Stealers

If you want a dog who thrives on human love and affection, you must definitely think about a

  1. Pomeranian,
  2. Chinese Crested,
  3. French Bulldog, or 
  4. Toy Poodle.

In case you’re looking for a breed that makes a good watchdog, do check out a

  1. Beagle,
  2. Bloodhound, or
  3. American Cocker Spaniel.

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#5  Apartment – Friendly Pups

Apartment dwellers are in need of dogs that don’t make a lot of noise or bark, need moderate exercise with short-length walks around the town, and can adjust to small living spaces easily. These breeds include-

  1. English Toy Spaniels,
  2. Bedlington Terriers,
  3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels,
  4. Havanese,
  5. Affenpinscher, or
  6. Chihuahua

#6 Ideal Dogs For Insomniacs

If you have trouble falling asleep easily, it is best if you go for quieter breeds that don’t bark loudly or unnecessarily.

  1. Basenjis – are perfect dogs for insomniacs or light sleepers because of their no-barking nature and energetic disposition.

Other breeds with a quiet nature and habit are

  1. Greyhounds, and
  2. English Sheepdogs – making perfect pets for those with sleeping troubles.

You may not want to look at boxers or bulldogs because of their incorrigible snoring habits.

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#7  Hypoallergenic Dogs

Dogs have protein in their saliva and dander (flakes of dead skin) that may trigger allergies in some people.

This is common to all dogs and therefore, there is no such thing as an entirely hypoallergenic dog.

However, some dogs do shed a lot less fur than others while others do not have as much dander in their fur. These dogs include-

  1. Schnauzers,
  2. Poodles,
  3. Bichon Frises, and
  4. Portuguese Water Dogs and make great pets for people with allergies.

#8  Dogs For People With Mobility Issues

Those who are suffering from knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, or MS and have limited mobility can get dogs who can get plenty of exercise for themselves by romping around in the house or only need short walks. In these cases, you may consider getting a

  1. Bullmastiff,
  2. Saint Bernard,
  3. Basset Hounds,
  4. Shih Tzu, and
  5. Pekingese.

These dogs can not only survive on moderate amounts of exercise but also provide very enjoyable company to people who are confined to limited spaces owing to their mobility issues.

#9  Walking Breeds For Motivation

If you’re a morning walker or if you’re looking for motivation to start going out on morning runs, nothing works better than an energetic and happy dog ready on its paws to go out for a run. These breeds include-

  1. Akitas,
  2. Airedales, or
  3. American Eskimo dogs can help with numerous issues like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease by encouraging you to workout out or go on daily walks.

#10  Canine Globetrotters

If you’re an extensive traveller and love exploring different parts of the world on the regular, you may want to adopt breeds that are small, easily transportable, enjoy travelling, remain calm through your crazy adventures together, and most importantly, enjoy the world outside. These breeds may seem unreal but try going on a trip with a

  1. Yorkshire Terrier or
  2. Maltese pup – and you will know what we are talking about.
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