Therapy dogs ease anxiety at COVID-19

Therapy dogs ease anxiety at COVID-19 vaccination drive

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Everyone is playing their part in COVID-19 vaccination. But a local nonprofit found a unique way to play their part. Considering the recent hike in the number of Covid positive cases, vaccination looks like a blessing in disguise. After giving approval to give jabs to Children recently, the pace of vaccination and its coverage has increased.

While the adults were hesitant because of the safety, efficacy and side effects of vaccines, little children have different fears altogether. Their only concern is that they don’t want to get hurt. Children face uneasiness with sharp needles. This fear has acted as a barrier in increasing the vaccination coverage amongst children.

To relieve this fear, a local non profit found a very unique way. They took the help of some trained therapy dogs in relieving this fear of children. They brought the therapy dogs to vaccination centers. The children were given jabs in the presence of therapy dogs.

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While the children were given jabs, therapy dogs came close to them to distract them and ease their pain. In a matter of seconds, the vaccination was done.

A volunteer highlights how the presence of therapy dogs can somehow decrease the uneasiness some children have with sharp needles. According to him, the therapy dogs make the kids feel better, the little kids give dogs some love and in return dogs give more love. This eased the uneasiness of kids with jabs.

A 9 year old little girl Avery says that she had tears when she sat to receive the jab, then a 6 year old therapy dog came and sat at her feet. Avery says the presence of the dog made her calm down and she was happy after the jab.

Before coming to the vaccination center, these therapy dogs had a job to make children with chronic diseases happy. They were working helping children who were battling cancer and other serious diseases which were lowering the morale of little children.

Practices like these can help rapid vaccination which is the need of the hour. For now, considering the rise in covid cases, vaccination gives a ray of hope. This experience of little kids will have a domino effect as they would encourage and share it with their friends. Parents would be easily convinced to bring their children to vaccination centers considering their children won’t be under too much pain. It would be easy for parents to convince their children to get the jab. In this case, dogs helped in ensuring human survival. More such innovative ideas can help in further vaccinating the world. Besides, it will make little children and dogs happy.

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