What Are Service Dogs And How Do They Help

What Are Service Dogs And How Do They Help?

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Dogs have historically been man’s greatest companion, be it at home or out in the fields. Their fierce loyalty added to a strong sense of belonging that dogs develop with their owners has made them excellent in terms of assistance towards the disabled or therapy for mental health concerns or other impairments.

Dogs are always ready to lend a helping paw to their human beings, a trait that makes them excellent service or assistance dogs.

1. Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs
Source: Third Sector

The most common kind of assistance dog is “guide dogs” or dogs that are specially trained to assist blind and visually impaired people.

Additionally, Labradors possess soft mouths that help them in picking things up for their owners.

2. Hearing Dogs

Just like dogs help those who are visually impaired, they can also be trained to assist people who are living with hearing impairments or disabilities. These super-intelligent service dogs can inform their owners of fire alarms, doorbells, oven timers, and even crying infants.

3. Seizure Alert & Response Dogs

Large-sized service dogs can also move their owners away during a seizure if they are located in a dangerous place like the highway.

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4. Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs
Source: The Bark

It is true that dogs have a very sensitive olfactory sense and can pick up on the remotest of scents but did you know that dogs can also pick up the smell of changes in your blood glucose levels?

5. Allergy Detection Dogs

Dogs have a super-strong smelling sense and they can detect the slightest smell of allergens present in the environment.

Allergy dogs are especially popular with children who gain a considerable amount of freedom while also remaining safe from harmful allergies.

6. Autism Service Dogs

Children that suffer from autism run the risk of running away or wandering off, and a trained service dog can protect them, keep track of them, and alert the mom and dad in case of an emergency.

7. Psychiatric Service Dogs

Psychiatric service dogs are assistance dogs who have been specially trained to provide assistance and emotional support to people suffering from mental health disorders.

8. Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs
Source: People

Therapy dogs must remain calm in all situations, even around unknown people who may want to pet them.

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