Inmates learn dog training skills, get emotional support thanks to the pet program

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The social situation created by the Humane Society of Valdosta, Florida is bringing to life the saying. When two broken hearts meet. They heal each other. The ‘New leash on life program’ of the Hamilton Hounds is bringing new life to the inmates of Hamilton Correctional Facility. As well as to the homeless rescued dogs.

The aim of the program is to find a feeling of home for our furry friends whom. We call dogs in a very innovative way. The dogs taken in by the Hamilton Hounds for the program were deemed unable to be adopted.

The inmates of the Correctional Facility are getting much required emotional healing in exchange for a price they are very willing to pay – training dogs. 10 inmates are grouped up with 5 dogs each. The dogs are rescued from the Animal Shelter of Lowndes County.

Inmates get a new job of handlers and dogs, of the trainees. Both of the subjects are paying the prices they are very happy to pay. Inmates give training to the dogs and dogs, what they always do, happiness to the inmates.

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The handlers will take a program of 15 days of classes with one and a half to two hours each day. What inmates are to do is get the dogs to an adoptable, healed state by teaching them to live with humans, learn to obey, and other skills. The modern-day and positive methods would be employed to teach the dogs to take commands and inmates to make a human-animal bond.

When one set of dogs are trained, another set will come up and go through the same life-changing process.

The leaders of the program and the chief of the society in the Lowndes County branch, Tori Grindle, talked to the inmates and reported their responses.

When told how the inmates are changing and making lives better for the mute, lovely creatures, inmates expressed how the experiences are changing their lives instead. The emotional support being provided to the inmates not only is making lives easier for them in the facility but is giving them hopes for existence and a raison d’etre.

The success of the program is witnessed by the long waiting list of enthused participants. When one leaves the facility, they would be replaced by a new handler. The skills and emotional therapy gained here are helping inmates in the real world too, ensuring changed characters more than mundane prison life ensures.

 The Hamilton Hounds program is appreciated widely for such an initiative. The social innovation programs that attempt the achievement of a wide set of goals in such simple and pleasing ways are committing much good in society.

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