Police therapy dog saves teen

NYPD Police Therapy Dog Saves Teen Living a Distraught Life.

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Charlie, the therapy dog who helped to save a teen’s life. This 6-month-old Goldendoodle is the latest addition, to the Albany Police Department. He has already made his mark. And, proved to be a valuable asset by saving a troubled teenager. Who threatened to jump off a roof.

On Tuesday, 2:15 pm, the police officers of Albany, New York, received a call informing them that a 14-year-old girl was on the roof of a building in Providence Street. While negotiating with the girl to bring her back to safety and make sure she didn’t hurt herself. It was found that she liked dogs.

Officer Joel Caldwell, Charlie’s handler, explains that while they were talking with the girl and trying to build a connection with her. She revealed that she liked dogs.

Police therapy dog saves teen
Officer Joel Caldwell with his dog, Charlie that helped to save a teen’s life living in crisis.

Officer Caldwell decided to bring friendly and warm Charlie, the young puppy who has spent only three months at the Police Department. While Charlie is still training to be a full-fledged Therapy dog, the puppy has already been trained to defuse stressful situations.

The pup’s lovable attitude was the solution needed that afternoon.

The two rushed to the scene. The officers tried talking to the girl to convince her to get down from the roof safely. But Charlie’s presence finally persuaded the teenager to come back inside, which was when Charlie immediately showed her love by giving licks and cuddles.

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When the teen saw Charlie, she decided to step down from the edge of the roof to meet him. She was then safely brought back inside.

Officer Caldwell is quite happy with the outcome of the decision to use Charlie. He is glad that Charlie persuaded the girl to make the right choice and come back to safety.

Watch Charlie getting interviewed after his heroic act.

Chief Eric Hawkins is thrilled with the results of the Therapy Dog Program at the department that began two years ago. There have been positive changes and growth in handlers of the pups as well.

They had started the program with the goals to help with the employees’ stress management and build relations with the community. It was quite a feat for the program that it has now proven its ability to save lives.

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The dogs in the department have proven to be very helpful within the police department itself. Having the puppies around in stressful situations helps the officers to relax and makes the overall environment better for everyone.

Charlie has since been rewarded handsomely and gotten his share of treats for his heroic act. The department had started with just two puppies but is hoping for many more to join their team.

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