Say hello to Boji, Istanbul’s adorable commuter dog that uses tram!

Say hello to Boji, Istanbul’s adorable commuter dog that uses tram!

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Meet Boji Commuter stray dog steals Istanbul’s heart on World Animal Day

There is nothing attention-grabbing about the regular sighting of stray dogs, on the streets of Europe’s biggest city. But an incredibly smart canine using Istanbul’s public transport, that’s for sure. The dog has used trams, metro lines, and even ferries is certainly headline-worthy.

Meet Boji, “The Dog Touring Istanbul” is a stray mixed breed of Sivas Kangal and Turkey’s Shepherd. The Sivas Kangal was originally bred by the people of Kangal town in Turkey’s Sivas province.

They are calm, controlled, independent, powerful, and protective breeds; known as livestock guardian dogs. A well-socialized Kangal dog is friendly with visitors. 

Boji travels around 29 stops a day and even hops continents, from Europe to Asia. Istanbul’s travelers started noticing Boji and posted photos and videos of him. He became the local celebrity on social media. In order to has Boji’s update, Many travelers post photos of him with date and time.

Boji, well known for his golden fur, cute floppy ears, and dark eyes, is able to travel around freely . Turkey does not restrict strays from public transports. Passengers love him the most. Infact, many of them make him feel welcomed by giving friendly pats.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality brought the Boji in to make sure he’s safe. He was checked and fitted with a tracking device to monitor his whereabouts. 

Boji had already gone through a health check-up and had been sterilized. The Municipality’s Veterinary Service Directorate found out from an examination.

Through the tracking device officials discovered that Boji travels around 30 kilometers a day and has even been tracked at sea making a trip to Prince Island, which is just off Istanbul’s coast.

They also found that Boji’s favorite transport is the historic tram lines along with a good ride on the subway. The mutt follows travel etiquettes and allows human passengers to get off first before boarding the train himself.

Boji got his quirky name after the middle section of the subway carriage. Boji is is his preferred place during travel.

The commuter dog always puts a smile on the face of his fellow travelers. Those who feel that Boji, reminds them to cherish the small moments as they rush about busy Istanbul.

If you would like to follow Boji’s journey across Istanbul. You can check out Boji’s Instagram – @boji_ist and also his Twitter handle – @boji_ist .

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