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Tributes paid to ‘exceptional’ police sniffer dog Mij; widely admired for its stunning drug-finding Skills.

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Tributes poured in for an ‘Amazing Police Sniffer Dog’ – Mij, whose famous drug-finding talents earned him a place on television. The infamous and brilliant police dog appeared in a TV show, playing its real self, and thereby making it “impossible” for crooks to hide their drugs.

This super talented English springer spaniel named Mij worked with Nottinghamshire Police for nine years. Exhibiting great talent and work, Mij is popularly known for sniffing out narcotics worth hundreds of thousands of pounds during his work period.

The legendary four-legged sniffer gained so much popularity in narcotics cases. Once cops stopped a suspicious drug dealer. The person surrendered himself as soon as he recognized Mij, the legendary sniffer dog from a TV show.

However, a piece of highly disheartening news poured in on Tuesday, October 5th, when English springer spaniel, former police canine, passed away at the age of 17 and a half years. 

Mij’s former partner and handler, PC Stu Hazard, led the tributes to the much-loved spaniel. Mij joined the Nottinghamshire Police force as a pup and was hailed as an ‘adorable’ dog. Describing his four-legged companion, Hazard stated that, Like most spaniels, Mij was downright ebullient. He wasn’t the most obedient dog, but he was terrific at what he was taught to do. That is, sniff out narcotics, cash, guns, and ammo. In his working years, Mij probably signaled out hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of narcotics in cars, residences, and even dark fields. It was nearly impossible to conceal anything from this super talented English Springer Spaniel. Undoubtedly, he was a brilliant sniffer dog.

police sniffer dog mij
The Legendary Mij, Police Sniffer Dog with his handler PC Stu Hazard during their posting at the London Olympics in 2012.

The talented dog was so good at his work. His work was often covered in numerous television documentaries. And What’s more, on one thrilling occasion, his popularity alone helped him apprehend a drug dealer in Nottingham. 

Recalling the incident, PC Stu Hazard explained that as he and Mij got to the scene, a car had been pulled up on Wollaton Street, and the cops were detaining four boys inside. 

‘I recall the driver staring at us both and shaking his head, saying, ‘I saw you on TV.’ Stu added. The detained instantly recognized Mij as the famous sniffer dog and knew he was in danger right away. Therefore when I inquired about narcotics in the car. He knew that he’s now stuck in it. Thereby just straightway got out with it, handing us a bag of cocaine stashed in the footwell.

This entire unfolding of Mij’s image preceding his work was a genuine appreciation for Mij’s talent and hard work. 

Near the conclusion of his policing career, Mij was entrusted with inspecting luggage for drugs and weapons at the 2012 London Olympics.

“I would go so far as to say that if there were anything designated for Mij to find, he would always find it.” PC Stu Hazard stated while paying his warm tribute to Mij. Adding further, ‘I saw Mij on a regular basis right up till Mij was indeed an exceptionally remarkable dog. His loss is heartily felt and I am really heartbroken to hear up on his news. Nevertheless, at the same time, I am absolutely proud of the opportunity to work with such a talented and hardworking Dog.’

Police Dogs in training ahead of Cop26 Summit

At Monkoodog we pay our sincere tribute to the ‘outstanding’ police sniffer dog Mij. His drug-finding reputation grew to the point. Where drug dealers abandoned their stashes, as soon as they realized the spaniel was on the case.

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