Golden Retriever that can hold 6 tennis balls

Golden Retriever that can hold 6 tennis balls made the record in the Guinness Book of World Record

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In Canandaigua, a Golden Retriever that can hold 6 tennis balls just made a world record. Finley from New York has a unique but humorous ability to carry up to 6 tennis balls in his mouth at a time. Finley had started doing this in 2017, but it was until last year when he got the official world record. Only recently, he got a spot in the Guinness World Records book.

Finley has got a huge mouth, but instead of using it to gobble up large amounts of food, this talented pooch uses it to stuff up tennis balls. He even became famous for this goofy ability of his.

A Golden Retriever made the record of holding most of the tennis balls in his mouth. Finley holds 6 tennis balls in his mouth in a single setting.

Finley was awarded the official record by Guinness World Records back in February 2020. But the dog had to wait till now to see his face on the pages of the book.

Finley now has his feature on a page and his photo and record in the latest available version of the Guinness World Records book. The featured photo shows off Finley’s huge adorable smiley mouth stuffed with tennis balls.

Finley has his own Instagram with over 48k followers managed by Finley’s owner, Erin Molly.

Shortly after the 2022 version of the records book was published, Mollow shared the news with Finley’s fans, thanking them for following his journey and showing support.

Even though Guinness World Records awarded Finley his official record only in 2020. His owner Erin Molloy shared that he’s been doing so since much earlier.

Sharing how Finley started holding so many tennis balls in his mouth, Molloy says it all began with her dad and Finley playing fetch. Molloy’s dad will throw the tennis ball to Finley, but Finley uses it. Instead of catching it and bringing it back to catch it and then drop it. He would then wait for dad to throw him more tennis balls. 

Finley continued to fetch this way until one day when he brought back all six of the balls thrown to him at once. Molloy reveals that Finley has had the tendency to hoard balls for quite some time.

Molloy found out that the previous official World Record set in 2004 was for 5 tennis balls at a time, also set by a Golden Retriever named Augie. Molloy then decided to submit Finley’s entry to the Guinness World Records. They ended up winning and have now set a new world record.

Finley has enjoyed all the attention and fame and loves to relax in the sun, swim, and play fetch.
You can follow this Golden boi and his adventures @finnyboymolloy on Instagram.

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