dog owner spends £2,000

Dog owner spends £2,000 on the Dachshund’s wardrobe.

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This would be unexpected, but yeah, a dog owner spends £2000 to buy clothes from the kids’ section for her dog. Biscuit’s owner Lavi Roz from Piatra Neamț în Romania has bought hundreds of pounds worth of clothes and accessories for her dog wardrobe with plans of buying even more. 

Biscuit’s Wardrobe

The five-year-old Dachshund, Biscuit has 47 pairs of sunglasses and 47 pairs of shoes, as well as a wardrobe full of clothes with matching hats, wigs, and collars all color-coordinated. 

Biscuit has more shoes than Lavi Roz and her fiancé’s combined. Lavi owns 19 pairs, and her fiancé owns 11.

In the stylish dog’s collection, there’s even a pair of Crocs with Swarovski crystals on them.

Just for the shoots?

However, Lavi is only doing this for social media pictures. Biscuit does not wear his clothes outside or even at home. He only wears it during the shoot, which Lavi makes sure is not long enough to make Biscuit uncomfortable. 

The 32-year-old Lavi describes Biscuit as gentle and patient. He cooperates in whatever she asks him to do. Lavi says that people like to see Biscuit’s outfits on social media. 

Shooting a video with Biscuit wearing his outfits takes only about one minute. Lavi gives him treats and a lot of cuddles. 

Biscuit is a Social Media Star!

Biscuit’s chic canine style has fetched him more than 17,000 Instagram followers. His videos have received about 15 million likes on TikTok.

Biscuit has an impressive Crocs collection with every color possible. He even has a pair with Swarovski crystals embossed on them. Lavi bought every color of the mini crocs that she found. 

Even though Biscuit already has an extensive wardrobe for all his clothes and accessories, he has so many items that Lavi needs another wardrobe to store everything in. 

The wardrobe items were put together over two years. In the past six months, Lavi has been focusing on Biscuit’s style and growing collection.

Lavi creates the outfits on the spot. She likes pairing the colorful crocs with different pants.

The central shopping place to buy Biscuit’s clothes is the children’s section. Biscuit has a sibling named Snitel. Snitel is younger than Biscuit, and being only two years old, he doesn’t wear the older sibling’s shoes. 

Biscuit also wears sunglasses without lenses. He owns 47 pairs of them due to Lavi’s fascination with the oversized glasses look on dogs. Lavi avoided buying sunglasses with lenses since it would make Biscuit uncomfortable when he wears them.

The full-time fashionista’s favorite things to do include sleeping and smelling the fresh grass.

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