Tika the Iggy

Meet TikTok sensation dog, Tika the Iggy; a dog with 300 different outfits.

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Meet TikTok Tika the Iggy

Meet TikTok sensational dog, Tika the Iggy, an incredibly popular Italian greyhound with over 2 million followers on TikTok and Instagram, does just that every day. On social media, the 9-pound dog has a larger-than-life personality — as well as an incredibly considerable closet to match.

“I guess we’re up to over 300 things in her closet now,” Thomas Shapiro, the dog’s father, told The Washington Post. “Tika has her own closet and stuff. In fact, he owns a lot more clothing than my spouse and me.” The proud dad of this fashionista canine lives with his husband, Louis, in Montreal. 

Their fashionable dog-daughter, Tika the Iggy, on the other hand, is the show-stealer of their family. Tika dresses up and walks down the corridor as if she’s on the runways of Paris and Milan. According to Shapiro, the canine’s flamboyant outfits. Which range from a sparkling pink Gballgown to a rainbow tulle dress, have earned charming Doggo the title of “self-proclaimed homosexual icon.”

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And undoubtedly this adorable four-legged Italian model is simply mesmerizing. Check out the video of the charming greyhound here: 

Tika the Greyhound’s, “Vogue”-worthy ensembles are both fashionable and practical. The tiny dog must wear extra clothes to defend itself from the harsh winters of Montreal, Canada. “We always dress her up in clothes that are both comfy and a bit more special.” “She’s covered in sequins, false fur, and feathers,” her adoring parent Thomas, explained.

What’s more, It doesn’t hurt that the dog’s proportions lend themselves to a high-fashion style and that each costume is tailored to the dog’s individual form. Shapiro exclaimed, “She also has these long limbs, a very slender waist, a huge rib cage, a long neck, and then a very quirky and adorable face. Tika has all the qualities of a classic supermodel on the runway. 

Shapiro and his adorable greyhound, work hard in partnership for as many as 10 hours sometimes a week creating. The wonderful piece of content together. Nevertheless, their hard work is fruitfully rewarded and widely appreciated. 

“There are a lot of individuals that want to work with [Tika], therefore there are a lot of lucrative offers out there,” Thomas explained in his press release with The Post. “My 9-to-5 job pays nicely because I work as a web developer.” But in the first half of 2021. I made more money than, I would have in a few years at my previous job.” 

While some of that money earned from the Greyhound’s success goes, toward getting Tika new “made-to-fit” couture outfits. The Italian greyhound’s popularity has also allowed. Tika’s owners donate and contribute to causes that are important to them.

They make a donation to Rainbow Railroad, a Toronto-based charity. It assists LGBTQ+ persons seeking refuge in Canada to find a safe home. The delighted and proud dad of the greyhound stated, “It’s essential for me to give back. Tika is a homosexual icon for everyone. And it will not be right on our part to not put in the efforts.

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