dog chained to a tree for about five years

Dog Chained To A Tree For Five Years Finally Gets Rescued and is Thriving in a Happy Home

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A nine-year-old Takia, who is an Amerian Akita dog, chained to a tree for about five years. Laura Seymour finally rescued her and gave her the happy home she deserved. Takia was kept restrained in the backyard of her previous owner’s house. Seymour would visit her almost every day to check in on her. 

The Morning!

One morning on the way to her school. Laura Seymour noticed a black and white figure beside a tree. She was pretty distressed and heartbroken after seeing a muddy dog restrained to a tree with short chains. 

Seymour doubted whether the dog was being fed at all since the food bowl next to Takia was filled with rainwater. 

A concerned Seymour contacted Animal Control and briefed them about Takia’s condition. But unfortunately, animal control was not of any help. 

Shortly after her interaction with Animal Control, she found out that Takia’s owners were unwilling to give her up. Even though they did not have sufficient time to look after her. 

Animal Control did not interfere after that. 

Seymour started seeing Takia every week at least three or four times. She would bring with her food and dog toys for the abandoned pooch.

Seymour reveals that Takia was always a sweet dog and was excited every time she saw her. But Seymour soon had to go away for the Summer. She wasn’t able to check in on Takia for six weeks. 

Takia gets a new parent!

On her return from break, she was alarmed to see a nasty ear infection on Takia that started to decay her flesh. Takia looked in bad condition. Seymour once again called up Animal Control. 

Luckily, Animal Control was forced to look into the matter this time. Takia’s previous owners were ordered to give the puppy up immediately. Seymour adopted Takia straight away. 

Takia can now live her best life and enjoys all things like going for walks and hikes. Seymour, it’s been an incredible journey with Takia. She enjoys watching the pooch explore things she was not able to do before. Watching Takia in the snow was a highlight for Seymour and one of the most exciting things she has witnessed. With Takia, she feels like one lucky dog owner. 

Seymour wants to ensure that Takia gets to live the life she deserves and make up for all the years she lost living in a horrific situation. Takia shows her gratefulness every day. She is a sweet and lovable dog who loves exploring and getting pets from everyone.

Check out Takia’s journey from her chained to freed life.

Follow Takia as she explores the world around her on Instagram @takiatheakita

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