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The face of London Dog Week, Milkshake the pink pug is a social media sensation

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London Dog Week’s new face is the rare pink pug, Milkshake.

About Milkshake

Milkshake has mesmerizing blue eyes and a unique pink shade in his fur. There are very rare that only about 200 to 300 exceptional cases of pink kind of pugs in the world. 

When Milkshake’s pet parent Maria De Dozsa adopted Milkshake, there were less than 100 of his kind in the world.

Milkshake became quite popular during the early phase of the pandemic and currently has around 111k followers on Instagram and his TikTok videos have reached 1.5 million views.

Why the Pink Fur?

Even though the pug’s pink fur is very rare, Milkshake is a pure kennel club registered pug. The reason for his different shade of fur is because of a partial lack of pigmentation. 

But fortunately, it’s not the same as albinism and hence he has no health problems associated with the condition. He’s a healthy pug and can see and hear normally. 

His condition only gives him his blue eyes and a light pink-beige-colored fur along with his pink nose.

De Dozsa reveals that she knew she had to adopt him as soon as she laid eyes on him. She found the pug quite adorable. A milkshake can often be seen dressed up in fashionable clothes and accessories on his Instagram account. According to De Dozsa, the pink pug is very spoiled and has a happy-go-lucky nature.

The proud owner regularly shares stunning photos and videos of the pampered pug’s posh lifestyle that could make anyone envious. But beneath all the glamour, Milkshake is just an adorable and lovable pup who’s living his best life in London.

Milkshake is quite an icon thanks to his unique looks that have fetched him several campaigns for brands like Smyths Toys, Breitling, and Heineken.

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