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Top 7 Safety Tips For Your Pets This Halloween

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Spooky and colourful costumes, vibrant lighting, crazy decorations, and bowls full of candies and other tasty treats are the most common scenes during Halloween. In this blog, we inform you about the Top 7 Safety Tips For Your Pets This Halloween.

It is a fun-filled holiday event that most children and all adults will be looking up to celebrate with great enthusiasm, waiting for a day and evening filled with masks, candies, and pranks.

But this fun and joyful event may bring a spooky experience for your pets. It can be a stressful night and causes anxiety to them. 

We need to know that Halloween can be a frightening night for our beloved pets. Why is this so? There are several reasons to consider that make your dogs and cats get scared:

  • The odd and crazy costumes
  • A large number of strangers visiting the house
  • Loud and spooky noises
  • Fireworks and many more things

The trick-or-treaters and their costumes can create a scary and dangerous situation for your pets. Meanwhile, candy or chocolates can be hazardous to your pets.

So, this article will list out some of the important safety tips for your pets to follow this Halloween and enjoy the day with all the family members including your pets.

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Top 7 Safety Tips For Your Pets This Halloween:

1. Say No To Halloween Treats For Your Pets

Candy, candy wrappers, and decorative items have to be kept away from your pet’s reach. 

Chocolates may be poisonous and many treats contain Xylitol or Birch Sugar, a sweetener that may be toxic to your pets. 

If unknowingly your pet has ingested anything with Xylitol or Birch Sugar, call a vet immediately. Candy wrappers can also be dangerous.

2. Beware of Glow Sticks

During night time kids often carry glow sticks over the streets to stay safe as they trick-or-treat. 

When they are brought inside, pets find them to be a lot of fun. 

The liquid inside the sticks may be extremely bitter and make them hyper and start to run around the house and starts drooling.

3. Pumpkins Are For People, Not For Pets

Pumpkins may be non-toxic but upset your pet’s stomach. 

If you want to light your pumpkin, keep it away from your pets. 

Pets can knock over the pumpkin and can have the risk of being burned.

4. Make Sure Your Pets Always Have Identification On

When you continuously open and close your front door for trick-or-treaters, there is a chance of escaping your pets, if they feel spooked. 

If your dog/cat goes missing when the door is open, a proper identification tag will help in finding him/her and returning him to you.

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5. Keep All Electric Cords And Wires Away From Your Pets

Halloween decoration is incomplete without colourful and vibrant lighting. 

But be careful as electric cables may be harmful and even deadly if your pets chew or ingest them.

6. Costumes Are Fun For People, But Not For Pets

Some pets may love to dress up but not every pet finds it fun wearing some awkward/spooky costume. Don’t force your pet to dress up if he/she doesn’t enjoy it. 

The costume should not be annoying or unsafe, and also doesn’t have to obstruct movement, vision, hearing, or ability to breathe or bark. 

Costumes need to fit properly. Avoid costumes with small accessories that may be chewed by pets and may choke them. 

Have to supervise your costumed pets all the time. If your pet won’t love the costume, you can use a festive bandana.

7. It’s Not Appreciable To Take Your Pet Trick-or-Treating

Your pets may feel excited, anxious, and uncontrollable during Halloween. Keep them indoors or in their crates if they feel comfortable staying there. 

The doorbell may ring continuously as trick-or-treaters arrive, and it will be confusing and frightening for your pets.

The regular opening and closing of the doors may provide an opportunity for scared pets to run out of the house into a dark and scary night. 

This results in frightening troubles and sometimes black cats may be abused on Halloween night.

You need to provide a safe and private zone for your pets to avoid these problems. 

Turning on the TV or playing music will mask the sounds of the doorbell ringing and other unusual sounds. 

Some people will use Thundershirts that calm pets, and also board them if they are arranging a Halloween party or are expecting many visitors.


Halloween is celebrated on 31st October and is a day filled with excitement, fun, and enthusiasm. 

Kids and elders will dress up in spooky costumes, decorate their houses with colourful lighting, and carry yummy candies and treats.

But do you even know that this fun-filled day can be spooky and frightening to your pets? Yes, some pets may like the attire and atmosphere, but many pets will get scared of trick-or-treaters.

So, follow the above-mentioned tips to celebrate this Halloween with all your beloved ones with fun and safety.

Are you arranging the Halloween party at home? Then please take care of your cute and lovely pets so as not to get disturbed during the occasion. Follow the safety measures and enjoy the festivity.

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