Laziest Dog Breeds

Get to Know the 12 Laziest Dog Breeds Around the World.

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The amazing thing about dogs is that they will adore you just the way you are, whether you want to do everything in one day or lie on the sofa and watch every movie on your Netflix.

However, while getting a dog, you should take into account your lifestyle since certain dogs will not accept your movie marathons.

Fortunately, there are a variety of dog breeds that would be quite content to spend more time lying about.

However, if you believe that lazy dog breeds lie around all of the time, you may be wrong. Even the most sedentary dog requires regular walks and playing.

If you don’t have the time to run with your dog or take long walks with them every day, you may consider acquiring a lazy dog breed. Being indolent does not imply a lack of personality; these dog breeds are plenty of it.

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They’d rather be your napping companion than your jogging partner, though. The following are 12 of the Laziest dog breeds.

1.) Newfoundland

We were starting our list of laziest dog breeds with Newfoundlands.

Newfoundland is the epitome of a gentle giant with its oversized fluffy bear-like coat. These dogs are pretty easygoing and good-natured and thrive on human company. If you want to start a family, they’re great options.

These dogs are often excellent with youngsters, even displaying protective instincts to keep them safe at times. Because they are so fluffy and drooly, Newfoundland may not be everyone’s cup of tea as an indoor pet.

2.) Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound is an ancient breed that is in art, poetry, and culture throughout history. This sighthound is not only one of the tallest dog breeds, but it is also one of the laziest dog breeds.

These men appear to be fairly content, with no signs of impulsivity or hyperactivity.

Wolfhounds have a well-deserved reputation for being patient. They aren’t easily agitated by a knock at the door, yet they can protect their house if necessary.

3.) Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Isn’t it shocking? Although these dogs are popular for their size and build, that does not mean they are energetic.

Any Bernese Mountain Dog, if given a choice, would prefer to rest and lie about all day rather than run around and be helpful.

Making them one of the laziest dog breeds.

4.) Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier - Laziest Dog Breeds

These teeny-tiny pups, often known as Yorkies, have a reputation for being little yet boisterous.

But it means you’ll have a three-pound, low-energy dog who comes alive when the doorbell rings!

They also have relatively long lives, which is a significant benefit.

5.) Havanese

Havanese - Laziest Dog Breeds

Havanese dogs simply need to exercise for around 30 minutes every day. 

They enjoy being a family member and get along well with other animals, even youngsters. 

They are popular to be the ideal companion dog and require only short daily walks.

Cuba’s official dog breed is the Havanese. They stand 8-12 inches tall and weigh roughly 13 pounds. 

Havanese are the ultimate cuddling friend with floppy ears and curled tails.

6.) Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested is a popular breed that attracts a lot of attention.

They’re barely 8-12 pounds and 13 inches tall at most.

They are extraordinarily long-lived, with 13-18 years of life expectancy.

Chinese Cresteds are suitable for first-time dog owners, despite their unusual appearance.

They’re energetic, yet a few short hikes soon weary them making them the laziest dog breeds.

They’re well-known for their fondness for cuddling.

The hairless kind needs more sun and outdoor protection.

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7.) Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard has the appearance of a huge cuddly teddy bear, and you might get surprised to hear that they’re also really laid back!

They’re known for their deep affection for their family members and are extremely patient and kind.

A moderate daily stroll will suffice if you don’t have time to exercise your dog  St. Bernard; although being a reasonably peaceful dog breed, it is too large to live in an apartment.

Their gentle nature makes excellent family pets, although they are not recommended for families with little children because they may accidentally knock them over.

8.) Basset Hound

Basset Hound - Laziest Dog Breeds

If their low-hanging ears and drooping eyes don’t indicate their attitude, Basset Hound’s predilection for plopping down on their bed and refusing to move will.

Most owners believe that Basset hounds are big-time sleepy canines, making them wonderfully charming.

They are endlessly devoted and always eager to chill.

The basset dog will be the first to say, “Thank you, next,” if you’re looking for a running buddy.

9.) Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is another laziest dog breed that many people believe is similar to cats; they’re beautiful, calm, delicate, and enjoy a nice catnap.

You’re also likely to discover your Japanese Chin posing on the kitchen counters or perched on your bookcase when you enter the house.

Their delicate, nimble body, similar to that of a cat, allows them to hop up onto high objects with ease, and they take full advantage of this capacity.

10.) French Bulldog

French Bulldog

These bat-eared Bulldogs are adorable and endearing, with a clownish attitude about life.

French Bulldogs are less complex canines that want to eat, play, sleep, and snuggle.

They have a lot of personality in a little, compact frame.

They like making their owners laugh with their antics, but they aren’t interested in going on mountain climbs or running around the dog park; instead, they prefer to spend their days relaxing with their humans.

11.) Tosa

Tosa - Laziest Dog Breeds

While Tosas may appear vicious (and they make excellent guard dogs), they are incredibly patient and peaceful.

Tosa, also known as the Japanese mastiff, is a huge dog who is extremely loving with his family (though he can get aggressive with new dogs). With this breed, quality time is entailed; just watch out for the slobber.

12.) Chow Chow

Chow Chow - Laziest Dog Breeds

A Chow Chow can be the right dog for you if you seek a loyal and loving friend.

The breed establishes a tight, unconditional attachment with their family, desiring nothing more than to please and defend their loved ones, even though they won’t be making BFFs with strangers in a hurry.

Chows are characterized as having the appearance of a cross between a lion and a bear, but the disposition of a cat, being independent, aloof, and fond of sleeping all day.

They appear dignified, distinct, and regal while wandering around the home, but when they’re sleeping, all of it vanishes. Chow Chows may snore and drool a lot.

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