The Best Way To Celebrate Pet-Friendly Diwal

The Best Way To Celebrate Pet-Friendly Diwali

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Diwali – the festival of light is nearing within a few days. People are busy preparing for this joyful occasion. The celebration is incomplete without sweets, new trendy clothes, delicious sweets and snacks, and firecrackers. 

Everyone will be decorating their houses, with lights and diyas, colourful rangolis, and kids will be eager to burn crackers. But have you noticed that one family member will try to hide under the sofa, bed, or behind doors or curtains? Yes, it is your pet. 

Diwali is the festival that all family members enjoy together. But do you know this joyful event may cause harm to your pets!! Pets won’t enjoy the sound of crackers as it would disturb their eardrums. 

This is the festival when kids and adults will burst those colourful crackers which fill our hearts with enjoyment. The colourful yet loudness of the crackers fills the sky thus revealing the essence of this festival.

Even though Diwali brings sparkles and cheerfulness into our life, animals and birds don’t respond well to this practice. For example, a Crow got stuck in electrical wires and got bolted with 1000z of bolt power.

The excessive sound and smoke from the crackers can physically and psychologically cause harm to them.

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Why Are Your Pets Especially Dogs And Cats Afraid of Diwali Season?

Your dogs and cats will start to find safer hiding places like under the sofa, table, behind the couch, any furniture, near the closet, or anywhere they could fit into or feel comfortable themselves during Diwali. Why do they do so when we are enjoying our Diwali?

The reason for this is that dogs and cats are very sensitive to noise and smell. Even a small sound of a simple cracker would be like a sound bomb to them. 

The Diwali season often triggers extreme behavioural changes in them. It includes stress, anxiety, fear, aggression, etc. They will be scared, confused, and will be in stress and pain. Some will run and hide, some start barking and whining, and some stop eating only. It will stay even after the festival. Some pets even go missing and pet parents won’t succeed in finding them.

Even homeless dogs and cats go hiding somewhere when they hear the burst of fire-crackers. They even lose a chance to find food and stay hungry for many days. Many pets will get injured due to these firecrackers, some may come under moving vehicles while running in panic.

Diwali should be a festival of joy, happiness, and togetherness. It should not be harmful to either people or our beloved cats and dogs. So, let us pledge to a pet-friendly Diwali celebration this year.

The Tips To Celebrate Pet-Friendly Diwali?

The government has taken many measures to control and prevent pollution and accidents that will be caused by firecrackers. Rajasthan, Delhi, NCR, West Bengal, and Odisha have ordered a complete ban on crackers on Diwali, Karnataka has ordered the usage of green firecrackers, and Maharashtra has allowed bursting crackers only on Lakshmi Pujan.

Here are some of the tips to celebrate this Diwali eco-friendly and pet-friendly.

1. SoundProofing Your House

SoundProofing Your House

Firecrackers’ sound may deafen your dogs and cats as their sense of hearing is more than that of humans. 

Close your doors and windows and draw curtains to minimize sound.

Use blankets and extra cushions to reduce noise and vibration. 

Don’t try to pull them if they are hiding under the furniture or behind the doors or windows.

Don’t tie or put them in chains outside because it may increase their anxiety. 

Allow your pet to stay indoors or confine them in any room. Switch on the television or play calm music if possible.

2. Avoid Bursting Crackers

Avoid Bursting Crackers

Firecrackers create sound and noise pollution. So minimize the burning of crackers and make sure that your pets are not nearby. 

Animals are afraid of fire and light and even the sound of crackers, making them nervous.

Turn up the volume of your television or radio or binge-watch their favourite movie together. Be patient with them.

3. Early Morning Walks

Early Morning Walks - Pet-Friendly Diwali

Take your dogs for a walk during the day as there will be lesser firecracker activity compared to evenings.

The calm and peaceful environment will comfort them and they feel protected.

4.  Toys And Accessories

Toys - Pet-Friendly Diwali

Let their ear muffs, soothing music, and their toys within reach.

It keeps them engaged and gives comfort.

You can even enjoy watching TV with them to distract them from feeling scared and sad.

5 Favorite Food

Favourite Food - Pet-Friendly Diwali

Give them their favourite food.

You can add a bit of hemp seed oil as it will relieve them from stress and anxiety. 

Don’t feed them too many confectionaries and savouries that may be toxic to them.

6. Anti-Anxiety Medicines

Anti-Anxiety Medicines - Pet-Friendly Diwali

Consult your vet, and check whether anti-anxiety pills should be given to your pets to reduce their anxiety and stress. 

Also, ask about the dosage of the medicine.

Keep a first aid kit with all vet-approved medicines and the nearest vet’s phone number handy.

7. Make Your Pets Also Be Part Of Diwali

Make Your Pets Also Be Part Of Diwali

Prepare pet-licious treats like peanut butter laddoos or any treats. Use fresh ingredients, infused with prebiotics. 

Don’t add artificial enhancers.

Feed them treats infused with prebiotics or hemp seed oil as it gives a calming effect and also keeps their guts happy and healthy.

8. Go For Eco-Friendly Lights And Decor

Go For Eco-Friendly Lights And Decor

Use earthen Diyas or lamps to light your house.

These are the best alternatives and are even great for the environment and pets. 

Place them at a safer distance from your dog and cat.

Use chemical-free Rangoli powder to decorate your house. Burn the eco-friendly and green crackers.


 Let this Diwali be a pet-friendly celebration. You must be empathetic towards your dogs, cats, or other animals who can’t raise their voices against their worries.

With some extra precautions and safety measures for a pet-safe Diwali, you along with your furry companions can easily celebrate this festival.

Come, let’s celebrate this Diwali noise-free, pollution-free and pet-friendly. Let our dogs and cats also enjoy the celebration of Diwali as much as we enjoy.

What is your inference about this article? Please share your views.

If you have a dog or a cat in your home, share with us how you celebrated this Diwali with them.

Happy Diwali to you all.

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