Watch Absolutely adorable video of Mom Cat introducing her kitten to a Dog friend!!

Watch: Absolutely adorable video of Mom Cat introducing her kitten to a Dog friend!!

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Without any doubt, witnessing the camaraderie between dogs and cats is an ideal recipe to melt anyone’s heart. Furthermore, the icing on the cake in this situation is the absolutely adorable interaction between a kitten and a large Doggo.

In a viral clip posted on Reddit, a lovely Momma cat introduces its kitten to her four-legged friend, and it’s simply amazing.

In fact, the video is so adorable that it’s difficult to hold back from gushing over the charming unfoldings. Honestly, ‘Aww’ is the word that will rule your tongue following a glide through this amazing video.

This viral clip, hitching the netizens to its adorable charm was shared on Reddit with a caption reading- Mommy cat introduces new kitten to dog friend.

Take a look at this adorable viral pet video and see if you can hold back from watching the clip on loop.

In this 11-second-long clip, a Mamma cat can be seen introducing her newly born kitten to her doggy friend. The video was uploaded on Reddit about three days ago and has already garnered over 40 thousand upvotes with the numbers still increasing.

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What’s more, this adorable video of Mamma cat, her furry companion, and her charming kitten has accumulated tons of funny, witty comments.

In fact, while reacting to this endearing clip, a user apparently with certain skills at decoding animal language commented, “She places her nose on the dog’s cheek, her paw between them, saying, “Now, now, dog, now you be gentle,” the dog gestures to her in acknowledgment, then Momma cat takes her turn to make her kitten feel safe, putting a paw on it. Absolutely stunning video of interspecies communication.”

Expressing a similar sentiment, another user wrote, “Hey bud, this is my baby. Be gentle, big oaf! “

All in all, the cuteness of this viral video will simply make your day.


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