Watch Dog got confused why ‘other’ dog is giving him so much attitude

Watch: Dog got confused why ‘other’ dog is giving him so much attitude

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Has this week been not the best one for you? Are you already bored and need something to light up your mood which will help you through the week? Well if that is the case then we are here to save you. We have brought for you a video which you must definitely check out. This video is about a dog’s reaction to its own reflection in the mirror. We guarantee you that this video will bring a smile to your face and you can watch it on repeat just like we have been doing.

This ‘pawsome’ video which was initially shared on the Instagram page of WeRateDogs went viral within a short duration and for the right reasons. In this adorable video, a dog named Jasper can be seen standing in front of a mirror. During the initial moments of the video, the dog can be seen intently staring at its own reflection.  However, soon he does something that will leave you very amused and chuckling for a long time.

Check out this awesome video here:

The hilarious clip unfolds to show Jasper, an adorable doggo, standing before a mirror looking at his reflection. Following this jasper, in all this innocence can be seen growling at what he assumes to be this other Dog. In fact, Jasper seems confused at all the attitude he is receiving from this dog behind the mirror screen, without even realizing it is he himself.

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The entire event is simply amazing and hysterical.

The video has so far garnered over a lakh likes since it was shared a few hours ago and the numbers are only increasing.

The clip has also inspired people to share a variety of loving comments.

He defends, he attacks, but he’s kinda confused,” wrote one user. Others reverted by saying the place isn’t large enough for the two of them. “Through borking-glass, Shared the third user.

Without any doubt, Jasper in his adorable innocence will leave with a big smile!!


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