Salmon dog food recalled

RECALL ALERT: 1600 cases of salmon dog food recalled due to high levels of vitamin D.

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Taking on a responsible outlook Tuffy’s Pet Foods voluntarily recalled, about 1,600 containers of Nutri Source Pure Vita Salmon Entree Dog Food in a Tetrapak carton on October 11, 2021, owing to the high Vitamin D levels.

Furthermore, The  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautiously forewarned that dogs, irrespective of their sizes, that consume extremely high doses of Vitamin D, lie under the threat of facing negative side effects.

The recall was instantly launched following a report from the product manufacturer, regarding the possibility of increased Vitamin D levels. However, the reports asserted that since the problem has been detected, and steps are being taken to prevent it from happening again, therefore consumers may rest assured that no other Pure Vita products will be affected by the recall, which was issued “out of an excess of caution.”

Although no illnesses have been recorded, customers are advised to cease feeding the following items.

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The recalled dog food was supplied to pet shops around the country. The food in tetrapak carton containing – ‘Pure Vita Salmon Entrée Dog food’ with the UPC code – “07389396202 1” was the only food item recalled from the whole batch.

The UPC code is located on the container’s side, while the lot numbers and best by date are located on the top.

Nutrisource Dog Food Recall
A pack of Pure Vita Salmon Entree was recalled due to the possibility of high levels of Vitamin D.


The following are some of the symptoms of vitamin D toxicity in dogs:

  • Excessively Drooling
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Increased Drinking
  • Increased Urination
  • Weight Loss, and
  • Vomiting

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According to the FDA reports, Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient, so unlike water-soluble vitamins. When a dog consumes too much, it doesn’t quickly eliminated in Urine from their body. It is rather, absorbed in the adipose tissue and liver. Large amounts of Vitamin D can cause renal failure and possibly death. Symptoms of the toxicity are likely to appear within hours or days.

In the light of the given recall, moving on to What to do in the present scenario. All dog owners are suggested to consult their vets. If your dog has consumed. The recalled product and is projecting the given symptoms. 

Furthermore, if you bought this food and the UPC number matches. The recall, it is advised to cease feeding the product to your canines, right away. Consumers who bought the recalled food should return it to the store where they bought it for a full refund.

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