Why not turn it the other way round Dog howls in frustration before seemingly using his own body to work out how to bring a large plank of wood through patio doors into his home

The smart dog proved – Where there is a will, there is a way.

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A little pooch named Wally found an interesting thing to play with outside his house. It was a long wooden plank which really made him excited. He was biting and scratching the plank and playing with it for a while. Soon he wanted to bring the plank inside the house which looked like a little complicated task.

Recently, In Ontario, a smart dog got famous on social media as he used his smart brains to do something he wanted and didn’t give up on what he desired. The video was shared by the owner of the pooch Susanne Westwood on social media and went viral soon.

About the video

In the video, the pooch was playing with the long wooden plank for a while. After some time, he wanted to bring the plank inside the house. It was a long wooden plank and the door through which the pooch was supposed to enter was narrow. He picked up the plank horizontally into his mouth and tried to enter.

Considering the width of the door and the length of the plank, the dog could not enter. He tried multiple times but didn’t succeed. He even got frustrated after multiple attempts of forcing and exerting pressure but to everybody’s surprise, he didn’t give up.

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His owner recorded the whole incident wherein the pooch used his smart brains to figure out a way to bring his new toy inside the house. The pooch suddenly changed the direction of the wooden plank in his mouth and picked up the plank in a little vertical/horizontal position. And voila, it worked. He finally entered the house with his newfound toy.

After he achieved what he wanted, Susanne shouted ‘ Oh smartypants, You did it. ‘It was hilarious and surprising to see Wally finding a way to figure out what he wanted’ said Susanne.

The video ends with Wally feeling a sense of accomplishment and sitting peacefully in front of the TV with his newfound toy.

Social media users called Wally a smart pooch. Wally proved ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’.

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