Dog drops hints for human to take it on a walk, video leaves people in splits

Little dog’s unique way to convey that he wants to go for a walk.

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If you are lucky enough to have a dog, you might have observed their ways of indicating things. Our furry pets can’t speak the language that we know but that doesn’t mean they don’t find ways to communicate with us. You might have observed your little pet telling you through ways that he is hungry or he wants to play etc.

Recently a video went viral in which a little pooch is trying and dropping hints to his owner to indicate that he wants to go for a walk.

The video was heavily shared on social media with the title ‘Dog dropping hints’.

In the video, a little extremely cute dog can be seen rolling his eyes towards something over and over again. He is indicating something on his side that is not visible in the camera. We don’t realize what is happening until the camera shows what is in the direction where the dog is indicating.

The dog is giving an indication towards his leash/collar which is hanging behind the door. The owner uses this leash/collar on him while taking him for a walk to prevent accidents and to hold him on the road. He was pointing towards his leash so that the owner would realize what he was actually asking for. He was asking for a walk outside.

The video got enormous love and random people shared their dogs dropping hints videos.

A user posted ‘My dog starts licking his lips and looking at food whenever he is hungry, Another said ‘My dog starts throwing away the ball around the house whenever he is in the mood to play.’

Don’t we all love dropping hints without saying things clearly? Well, it looks like our dogs prefer that too.

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