Once abandoned Loo, found her forever home just before the festivities.

Once abandoned Loo, found her forever home just before the festivities.

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Earlier this month, a little dog was found abandoned at a construction site in Brookline, Massachusetts. Luckily she won’t be alone during the festive season. She recently found her permanent home just before the festive season.

‘Princess Loo finally found her forever home. She is adopted,’ said MSPCA Angell in a tweet. She added that Loo was their most famous resident. So many people applied to adopt her. Everybody loved her.

what actually happened?

Two weeks back, the animal rescue officials found a box with Loo taped inside of it. The box was found at port-a-potty, 19 Colchester Street. Loo is a Corgi mix weighing around 22 lbs. She is somewhere around 5 years old. 

Loo was found stable and without injuries. She was found frightened, though, as reported by MSPCA officials. Loo didn’t have any clothes or identification marks on her. She was not even wearing any tracking chip.

‘Loo has been staying at the Animal Medical Center in Boston for proper care and love,’ said the MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center.

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Hundreds applied to adopt Loo. She was instantly famous. Out of the hundreds, the Animal Rescue Center shortlisted a few people and finally selected a lady named Donna. Donna lives in Massachusetts.

why did they chose donna?

The rescue center chose Donna because they thought that the atmosphere and quietness would be perfect for Loo. Loo can thrive and enjoy her life in such a home as Donna can provide. Loo was happy to see Donna. 

The duo was happy in each other’s company, and they left the shelter to begin a new and exciting phase of their lives. 

The police, however, are investigating the case and trying to find the people who abandoned her at a construction site. However, the case is still under investigation.

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