Man quits high paying corporate job to take care of street dogs in India

Man quits high paying corporate job to take care of street dogs in India

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India has been home to a large population of dogs for a long time now, some are loved and adored while others struggle every day to find their space in our overly populated cities. Most of them end up meeting tragic ends due to common road accidents and the people not being empathetic enough. While most of us turn a blind eye to the problems faced by these adorable dogs in their day-to-day life, A 31-year-old dog lover did not do so.

31 years old, Sajesh who lives in Bangalore is determined to do something to make the lives of these poor creatures easier. Sajesh, who was working as a branding consultant with a big company, has now quit his job to become the voice of these voiceless animals, as per reports.

Man quits high paying corporate job
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The journey of Sajesh on this path started when he had to purchase an ambulance back in 2017, which would pick up injured street dogs and take them to the shelters. In his very first rescue operation, he had come across a black puppy who was seriously injured from an acid attack and seeing this broke Sanjesh’s heart. Gradually he realized that the incidents happening with Street dogs were far too high for him to be able to address and for any shelter in the city to take care of.

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This gave the man the idea to start his own rescue and rehabilitation center for street dogs. And thus, Sajesh established Animal Lives Are Important (ALAI) in September 2017.

The small initiative has now grown into a shelter house that takes care of more than 300 dogs and other street animals like cows.

At ALAI, they take good care of all rescued animals and provide them with proper nutrition and medicines. The dogs in the rescue centre are also administered vaccines during their recovery period at the center.

This is the kind of initiative that makes us realize that there still is good left in the world.


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