Doggo brings home a Mooing friend for a sleepover, Mom's reaction is hilarious!!

Doggo brings home a Mooing friend for a sleepover, Mom’s reaction is hilarious!!

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Think about the funniest and adorable things Dogs do and the list turns into an epic listicle. Well, adding to the catalog is another winsome tale.

In a viral video, doing rounds on the internet, Doggo brings home a cow for a sleepover and his parents’ reaction is simply hilarious.

Remember the times of convincing your parents to allow you and your pals for a sleepover?

For most of us, it took a lot of pleading and begging, and mostly to no avail.

Well, guess what, this amazing video takes you down those memory lanes, opening the box of nostalgia in the most hilarious way possible. In fact, what makes the recollection of those priceless times, is the rerun of the scene by an adorable furry pooch and his moo-ing friend.

The video featuring the adorable dog bringing home its cow friend was Posted with a complementary hysterical captain. The caption saying- “Mom, can she sleepover tonight? I will clean my room tomorrow! Pleeeeease??”, added to the charom of this fascinating video, intensifying the fun severalfold.

Check out the hilarious video and see if you can hold back from gushing over this adorable pooch and his mooing friend.

The clip unfolds, showing the canine’s ‘mom’ opening the door to her furry-kid bringing home a cow friend. Outside, at the door, the doggo along with his almost coy-looking friend can be seen begging his mom for the sleepover. Remember to keep your volume up, while watching the video.

The clip was posted on Twitter and immediately gained a huge load of attention with as many as over 4,600 likes and several other hilarious comments.


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