Watch out for this Trending Video Dog ‘argues’ with his Human for working on a laptop, instead of petting him!!

Dog ‘argues’ with his Human for working on a laptop, instead of petting him

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Whether you are a dog parent or an ardent dog admirer, you might be familiar with how much these furry creatures enjoy their playtime with their humans. Nonetheless, one might wonder what happens when something interrupts this playtime? Well, in the case of a dog named Zeus, his hilarious reaction of ‘arguing’ with this human for working instead of petting him, is simply adorable.

As the world is compelled to work from home in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, pet parents are both delighted and frustrated in regards to the dilemma of whether to spend time with their pets or manage to get some work done.

Whereas in the case of their pooches, they want their parent’s undivided attention. And when otherwise, they can be seen reacting in the most hysterical way possible.

In a recent video doing rounds on the internet, a pooch can be seen ‘arguing’ with its hoo-man. The upset doggo wants to sit on his parent’s lap and be petted while the owner can be seen explaining his case that he has to work.

Check out this absolutely amusing clip of a Dog arguing with his parent.

The clip was originally shared on TikTok, and later re-shared on Instagram. This hilarious video was accompanied by an utterly amusing caption  “Absolutely not allowed,” complementing the clips entertaining time to the best.

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The Texts appearing in the video explain that Zeus usually spends time with his Hoo-man after coming home from work. However, what happened when one day the Dog parent had to work after getting back is quite amusing. The man in the video can be seen explaining to his pooch that he has to work, while adorable Zeus, who is particularly upset, goes on to through mini tantrums.

The video has gathered over 84,000 likes and numerous comments so far.



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