Dog jumps into the pool to save his human from drowning, without even knowing how to swim.

WATCH VIDEO: Dog jumps into the pool to save his human from drowning, without even knowing how to swim

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In a heartwarming viral video surfacing the internet, a black dog, stealing many hearts, was seen rushing in to save his hoo-man from drowning, even without knowing how to swim.

Standing true to the phrase ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’, a pet dog embodies his deep-rooted love, turning into a life savior for his human. In the viral video going around on Twitter, the pet dog Boogie dived in to save his human companion when he pretended to drown. And what’s more, without knowing how to swim in the first place.

 Watch out for this gratifying clip of unconditional love.

The video was posted by Anthony Spinner on Twitter. Within minutes it grabbed the deserved attention from netizens for all the right reasons.

The clip opens with four people chilling out in a pool, where Anthony Spinner can be seen interacting with his pooch, Boogie. During the interaction, the adorable canine can be seen turning anxious as his human pretends to be uncomfortable in the pool. Following this, the clip features Anthony Spinner pretending to drown in the pool as Boogie stands close by. The next thing you know, his lovely Doggo is seen running in for the rescue.

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Despite the fact of never stepping into watery depth, and thereby with no prior swimming experience, Boogie rushes in to save his master. His unconditional love and devotion, placing his man before him have the interest in a heartening frenzy. Soon after the jump in, the Doggo and his master can be seen hugging and loving each other.

As of now, this soul-stirring video has crossed over three million views. Touching the hearts of millions, the clip has people astonished to see the dog’s love for his friend. They can be seen showering their appreciation for the courageous Boogie.


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