Spooked By Fireworks, Dog flees to later return home by Ringing Doorbell At 3 A.M.!!

Spooked By Fireworks, Dog flees to later return home by Ringing Doorbell At 3 A.M.!!

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In an amazing turn of events, a newlywed couple from South Carolina received the most amazing delivery in the middle of the night!! It was none other than their rescue dog, Rajah, returning home after running away during fireworks and ringing the doorbell at 3 a.m.

Mary Lynn Whitacre and Ryan Washick’s Labrador-Catahoula Leopard dog mix, Rajah fled from their Simpsonville backyard due to the roaring boom of some Pre-July 4th celebrations fireworks, 10 hours later, at 3.am. On Monday morning, the cute little rescue dog returned home, executing the most fascinating and hilarious practice to secure entry into her home.

She rang the DOORBELL!!

Watch out for this adorable footage of Rajah trying to find her way into her home, in the most fascinating yet hysterical way possible.

Rajah, along with the couple’s other pooch Ollie, a 2-month-old Shepherd Mix, was in the backyard, when an insensitive neighbor, set off celebratory fireworks. The noise terrified Rajah so much that she jumped over the fence and quickly ran in the opposite direction.

In order to locate their dog, the couple frantically posted messages on Facebook and drove around the town desperate to find their beloved pooch. Whitacre also informed the animal services, in case Rajah was picked up. However, the couple heard of no good and were left with nothing but to wait with their fingers crossed.

Until the doorbell rang at 3 a.m.

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Washick looked outside with the hope that someone had finally brought their dog home, reported “Inside Edition.”  However, he was in for a delightful shock, for ringing their doorbell at 3 a.m., with her nose was none other than their lovely pooch Rajah.

Later on, Washick shared the video of this wonderful Labrador-Catahoula Leopard dog mix, returning home on Reddit. He further replying to another user mentioned that Rajah once home sulked in, thinking she was in trouble. However, all that mattered to the couple was her safe return home.

Rajah’s video melted many hearts, for indeed it was equally share adorable and humorous.

However, at Monkoodog we will like to draw your attention to extracting some moral from this story… A moral duty, to be considerate about our four-legged friends in the surroundings when setting off fireworks. Let us at least try to make it a better living place for them as well.


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