Dog astonishes the netizens by painting an adorable picture. ‘Doggo Van Gogh’, say netizens!!

Dog astonishes the netizens by painting an adorable picture. ‘Doggo Van Gogh’, say netizens!!

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It is simply amazing to encounter and experience the astounding things that dogs can do. Adding to their many talents and charms is this amazing clip of a dog painting an adorable picture.

Remember Secret, the sweet and gifted Australian Shepherd, who won millions of hearts with her dancing video? Well, She’s here once again to enchant you with another of her skills!! Only this time it includes a paintbrush and a canvas.

Originally shared on a doggo’s Instagram web page, the video has garnered a lot of attention. In fact, it will leave you thoroughly tempted to bestow this delightful pooch with lots of cuddles.

Watch out this amazing clip with Secret sitting next to the finished painting with a paw-print signature from the endearing artist herself. Click here to check out the video.

Dog astonishes the netizens by painting
Picture Source: my_aussie_gal/Instagram

The caption complementing the clip read- Secret drew a sunflower! Or maybe it’s a daisy? We’ve had a lot of fun drawing different shapes and brush strokes lately, and she’s getting to the point where she can draw recognizable shapes on her own without aiming.

The video opens with Secret drawing a lovely yellow flower while holding a brush in her mouth. Moving on, the clip ends with the furry artist sitting next to the finished painting that has a signature from the adorable designer itself.

The clip was shared on July 18 and has garnered over 1.7 lakh likes and multiple reactions. People couldn’t hold back from showering praises on the talented pooch. While many suggested that Secret should paint more artistic pieces, others expressed their definite desire to invest in dog ​​art. The canine friends of Secret also shared their comments of appreciation.

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And what’s more, with her absolutely stunning artistic talent, Secret has further succeeded in securing the nickname of ‘Doggo Van Gogh’, from the admiring netizens!!


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