5 Best Indoor Exercises for Senior Dogs to Stay Fit

5 Best Indoor Exercises for Senior Dogs to Stay Fit 

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Everybody loves something new and shiny in their lives—new cars, New bikes, New houses, and new pets. Surprisingly new does not always mean better! 

Regrettably, everyone loves a cute little puppy, but they don’t even give a “chance” to the older dogs. Being a senior dog is not always a bad thing; there are various benefits to it like they know all the tricks and commands and are usually trained and happy to be around their owner. 

The story of “Oliver,” the senior dog, is very similar; When his owner first saw him, he was such a beautiful dog. 

Oliver was seven years old and lived at the shelter his entire life. During the adoption events, he used to hide under the table to avoid being noticed & When people were able to meet him, he showed little to no interest. 

His owner adopted Oliver and brought him home to meet his little brother, a two-year-old beagle named “Copper.” Oliver was happy and adjusted quickly to his new life upon meeting Copper, considering he had never had a home. 

Oliver often joins his owner for road trips and morning walks, and they are thrilled and grateful to be together. 

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“He has taught me the joy of animal rescue and the love and gratitude that only senior dogs can give; I know that Oliver and I still have a lot of adventures ahead of us, and I will continue to give him the life he truly deserved” – Liz. 

Having a senior dog is a blessing, but we have to keep them energetic to make sure they can genuinely stay fit and live up to their fullest. 

But how would you keep them fit? 

I want to share 5 Kickass Indoor exercises for senior dogs to make them stay healthy and fit. 


Fasten your seatbelts, and here we go… 

5 Best Indoor Exercises for Senior Dogs

1. Puzzle Feeders

Puzzle Feeders - Exercises for Senior Dogs

Dog toys provide a mentally stimulating challenge that can help keep your older dog’s brain active and sharp and allow them to move around as a part of the game. 

Rewarding your senior dogs with meals and treats through a puzzle feeder is the best way to promote activity and slow down their weight-gaining process if that’s one of your goals. 

Stick to the toys that most likely don’t require a lot of physical strength as you don’t want to stress your old pal. 

There are tons of puzzle feeder games for your senior dogs that you should check out, one of them being ‘The classic Kong.’ Find a few of them that are right for your dog’s activity level. 

2. Lateral Walking 

Lateral Walking - Exercises for Senior Dogs

Lateral walking engages the supporting muscles of the legs, hips, and shoulders in two motions called ‘Adduction and Abduction.’ 

It also helps prevent knee and shoulder injuries. By strengthening those stable muscles, your dog will be able to easily change directions while romping through the yard and get on and off the furniture safely. 

Most of the dogs will take a lateral step to their left side, and the moment they take a step, praise them and give them a treat. 

Continue to put spatial pressure on your dog and check them out when they take a side step. 

To complete one repetition after going a few feet, switch sides and walk back where you started. 

3. Fetch on the Carpet

Indoor fetching is one of the most brilliant ways to keep your senior dog active. You can easily maintain your footing and don’t have to worry too much about being hurt due to the surroundings. 

Fetching can be more difficult when your dog has sore joints and bones. Always use a soft item so that you won’t stress their sensitive teeth, and there are several toys designed for senior dogs that are nice and soft. Always stick to a tiny toy so that your dog doesn’t have to jump, run or go too far to get it back. 

Point to remember: This always doesn’t mean challenging your dog to its limits; it just means getting them moving and providing activity to stay in shape. Also, Give them plenty of water when you are done playing and don’t push them to keep going; if they’re tired or start panting, immediately stop the game. 

4. A Gentle Tug Of War

Tug of war has been one of your dog’s favourite sports throughout their life, and there’s no reason they still can’t play it. 

Tug of war is the best-known exercises for senior dogs, and you can also play it inside your house. But be gentle! 

Use a soft item or a cloth in place of a stiff rope because you can’t play as rough as you used to with your old pal. So no swinging or hard struggling. 

The indoor exercise gets many of your dog’s muscles working together, It helps strengthen their neck, jaws, and shoulders. 

Here’s what you can do to bring your older dog’s confidence back – Allow them to win a couple of times. 

You’ll provide an improvement in their teeth and gum health using this game depending on the toy you have used to play it. 

5. Stretches and Physical Therapy 

Exercises for Senior Dogs

Dogs who have joint and leg problems may need to consult a physical therapist to get help for their condition. 

Their therapy session may involve massages, stretches, and hydrotherapy too. You will also get instructions for a home workout from the therapist, which is essential for muscle joints to move and stay healthy. 

A well-structured stretch can help you get your dog’s joint fluid warmed up and also help increase blood flow. 

Please don’t put an older dog beyond its limits to the point of discomfort. Physical exercises and stretching can quickly help your dog walk more easily and stay fit. 

There are several exercises you can perform at home with the guidance of a therapist. 


You may have heard the phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” but we should always give our seniors a little credit for everything they have done for us during their prime. 

To help them stay fit, you just need consistency and a bit more patience because learning new things can work out the body and their mind. 

Keep your training exercises short enough to avoid exhaustion, and pay attention to your old pal’s needs! Have you tried these exercises? What do you think about them?

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