Dog Age Calculator - How old is my dog in human years

How old is my dog in human years

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Ever thought about how old your canine is in human years? Not all breed types have the same age, so wanna know your canine’s “human” age.

You have heard or read before about this standard rule: 1 year for your cute doggy rises to 7 years for you. Actually, the math isn’t so straightforward. Canines mature more rapidly than we do. So the primary year of your fluffy companion’s life is equivalent to around 15 human years.

As an overall rule, the AVMA aka American Veterinary Medical Association has also explained it out like this:

1. 15 human years rise to the primary year of a medium-sized canine’s life.

2. Year two for a canine equivalent to around nine years for a human. 3. Also, from that point forward, every human year would be around five years for a canine.

Size and breed likewise play a role in age. Small breeds live more than bigger ones, however, they may mature more rapidly in the initial years of their life. A big breed puppy may age all the more gradually from the start, almost at the age of 5. The breeds that are small and the toy don’t mature to become senior until they cross the age of 10. Medium-sized pooches are someplace in the center of the two checks.

How old is my dog in human years
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