How to show your dog that you love

What is the right way to love your dog?

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We love our canines. Truth be told, saying that we love our canines would be insufficient. We love them and they are potentially the best things in our lives, and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to keep them solid and cheerful. In this blog, we inform you about What is the right way to love your dog?

Despite the fact that showing the amount we love them can be somewhat unstable particularly because they don’t react in the manner in which a human reacts, it may make you think about how to communicate your affection for them such that they comprehend.

The big question is ‘ Does your dog know you love it?

The short answer is “presumably.” But only if you know how to speak your dog’s love language. Gestures such as hugs, kisses, and treats don’t really mean love in a dog’s native language.

Canines are pack animals, and they rely upon their pack’s lines for signs of support and love. Chasing and exercising are the actual touch and group activities modes that they use to communicate with each other. So, your dog tells you how much it loves you through the mode of non-verbal communication activities.

So, let’s explain to you the 5 non-verbal communication ways

Number 1 is “Rub Its Ears”

Number 1 is “Rub Its Ears
Image by: Michal Jarmoluk

Instead of petting your dog on the top of the head, give it a delicate rub behind the ears. Watch its response — your dog will doubtlessly dissolve into a bundle of doggy bliss.

This is so because rubbing a dog’s ears stimulates the release of the Endorphins hormone that makes the dog happy & delighted.

Number 2 is “Lean On It”

Has your dog ever squeezed up against your legs or inclined towards you while you were sitting together?

This is one of the ways in which dogs seek affection, sort of like a doggie hug. You can “hug” him back by doing likewise.

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Number 3 is “Gaze Softly Into Its Eyes”

Number 3 is “Gaze Softly Into Its Eyes”
Image by: StockSnap

Looking into someone’s eyes with love is the best approach to showing your love. So, take a tranquil second and look into your dog’s eyes, talk delicately to it, and pet tenderly. Try to raise your eyebrows while talking to it. Your dog will see this as a display of love and affection.

Indeed, this activity normally stimulates the release of Oxytocin, also known as “The Love Hormone” that assists in bonding.

Number 4 is “Have Fun Together”

Invest some energy every day in accomplishing something that your dog appreciates.

Teach your dog another new trick or rehearse the ones it knows by heart.

Take your dog out in the backyard or down to the Dog park for a round of frisbee or play fetch with its favourite toy.

Not just your dog will feel loved and adored, but as an added bonus it will keep both of you fit and healthy.

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And Last but not least

Number 5 – “Snuggle”

Number 5 - “Snuggle”

All dogs may not enjoy being hugged a lot, yet they love snuggling. Dogs are pack creatures, and close contact gives them a sense of security.

Allowing your dog to lay down with you is a definitive showcase of trust and love since this is the point at which you are the most helpless.

But if you don’t like to share your bed with your dog, in that case, you can cuddle up on the couch or in a comfortable corner with it on the floor. Your dog will certainly get your message.

Perhaps the best thing about dogs is how well they know their favourite people. They can tell when we’re stressed and when we’re calm and cheerful.

Also, we can be certain that our voices, our non-verbal communication, and our activities impart to them the amount of love and affection we feel towards them.

So this is how you can tell your dog how much you love them without saying a word

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