11 Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You or Not

11 Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You or Not

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Having a dog is wonderful. When there is no one, you can be sure that your dog is there for you. His innocent face and adorable gestures can definitely make you smile after a hectic day. All in all, you certainly love your dog. But do you feel uncertain about whether your dog loves you or not?

Here are a few signs with which you can tell that.

1. Yawning

Dog Yawning

A study has mentioned that dogs are more likely to yawn more along with their parents than with a human stranger. In the same study, it’s mentioned that yawing at the same time can be a sign of empathy.

So, next time when your dog yawns together with you, understand that probably your dog loves you.

2. Tail Wagging

When a dog wags his tail while being with you, it’s conventionally assumed that he is happy with you. Also as per studies, it’s a sign of affection.

Dog Tail Wagging

A relaxed dog can wag her tail more easily and dogs are relaxed when they feel good about their parents. However, if a dog’s muscles are stiff but still he is wagging his tail, it may be a sign of an angry dog.

3. Big Welcome

If your dog gets excited to see you whether, after ten minutes or ten days, it’s definite that your dog loves you. It may be quite obvious that this type of big welcome is a display of love, but it’s confirmed by research.

4. Eye Contact

When it’s to humans, eye contact is considered positive. When a person looks directly into your eyes, it probably means that he is interested in what you want to say.

Smiling dog

However, dogs among themselves make eye contact to show hatred. But still, when dogs look directly in their parents’ eyes, it means they love their parents. So, next time when your puppy looks at you when you look at her, understand that your dog loves you and rejoice.

5. Eyebrow Lifting

Pay attention to your dog’s face to know your dog. A study in Japan states that dogs lifted their eyebrows (particularly the left one) right upon meeting their parents.

Well, this adorable gesture is more than just that. It’s one of the dog signs of love towards the parents.

6. Cuddling

Dog Eye Contact

It’s cute to see dog cuddling; but actually it’s much more than that. As per the research, dog parents should be happy when their dogs curl up with them.

They could cuddle up and sleep anywhere, but they chose to do it with you, which means that they are happy with you.

7. Stealing Your Clothes

It may be quite annoying to chase your pooch across your home as he runs away with your shirt or underwear. But you may feel happy when you learn that this type of stealing is in fact a gesture of love.

Dogs’ life experiences are based on scents and when they love you, they love your scent too. To get that smell, they may run away with your clothes.

8. Leaning Against You

As per research, your dog leans against you when he wants to cuddle, wants something, feels anxious or is seeking some additional security or comfort.

man hugging a dog

Whatever she wants, her leaning against you shows that she feels safe and secure, and is another way of showing her love.

9. Smile

If you sometimes feel that your dog smiles at you, you may not probably be just imagining it. It’s not just a random gesture done by a dog with the corners of his mouth.

Studies note that an open and relaxed mouth of a dog (or smile) shows that she is feeling affectionate and happy.

10. Sleeping Near You

Dogs show their love they would have about their pack members in the wild to the humans they love who love them. Keep in mind that dogs too are pack animals at heart.

Dog Sleeping on bed

11. Getting Excited to Hear Your Voice

After a hard day, there’s nothing as nice as your dog jumping happily towards you when you call her name. It’s even more fascinating when she is engaged in chewing her favorite toy or checking a scent, and stops doing that to come and welcome you.

Barack Obama playing with his pet

These are simple signs with which you can be sure that your dog loves you. Pay attention to them and you’ll find that your dog hates you or loves you.

However, if you find that he doesn’t, think about it instead of getting annoyed at him and love him even more and he’ll definitely reciprocate because dogs are not humans and so, they are appreciative.

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