What is the Best way to Improve your dog’s life?

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Having a lovely, lively dog in your house can be bliss for a pet lover. But unlike humans, pets can tell their concerns and grievances to us, which can make it rather difficult to read their behaviour at times. This is why you can do a few things differently that will change and improve your dog’s life in many simple ways for which he will definitely thank you. Here are a few tips and tricks:

Give Your Dog Undivided Attention

Your dog is your baby. And like babies, dogs need your attention. Dogs are extremely social, which is why humans have domesticated them for a very long time.

Just like other social beings, dogs can get upset and feel ignored if not given the right amount of attention or interaction. So make sure you spend quality time with your dog.

dog walking on leash

Take him to a park, play with him in the garden or take them along on a drive in the city. But do keep your cell phone away and let your dog feel loved and cared for.

Make Training Sessions Short and Fun

A dog is always looking to learn new activities and get to know its surroundings. The better a dog knows its surroundings, the more secure it feels. So why not make the task easier for him through training sessions?

The right training sessions make your dog curious to learn more and explore better. It is one of the easiest ways to improve your dog’s life.

Activities such as holding a treat in one of your hands and making the dog guess which hand holds the treat, playing hide and seek with your dog, hiding a treat somewhere in the house and helping the dog search for it are great enrichment ideas. Also, ensure in the dog training, videos you make your dog watch are short, which helps capture their attention.

Let Your Dog Explore the Outdoors

The curiosity dogs come with, it would be extremely ideal to let your dog do things he loves to do outdoors.

let dog explore the outdoor

Dogs love to dig, chase and herd, which are their natural instincts. This not only helps them fight boredom for the times you are busy but also boosts their metabolism and healthy bodily functions, in short, it extends dog life expectancy.

Always Check Your Dog’s Collar

It can be difficult to judge which collar, harness or vest may be good for your dog. This is why it is best to check from time to time whether your dog is feeling comfortable or not.

Before taking your dog out on a walk, ensure that the collar isn’t too tight or too loose. This can be a great way to make sure your dog is comfortable in the long run.

Don’t Pet Your Dog Constantly

Another easy way to ensure your dog feels comfortable around you is to not pet them too much. Stop once a while, and take a break, which allows your dog to take its time and relax.

man petting his dog

Constant petting can be unwelcome sometimes and the dog might not come to you in times of distress because he knows once the petting starts, it won’t stop.

Pausing during petting sessions can make your dog come back to you again and again. Dogs are inevitable social beings and love to cuddle. So if your dog comes to you and nudges or paws you, do pet him, but with breaks.

Constant Drinking Water Supply

Dogs can get really thirsty during summertime and thus need a drink more than often.

You can put a reminder to refill their drinking pan every hour with cold water. Your dog will literally thank you for it. This is one of the many vital tips on how to make your dog live longer.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Dog hair can be a problem for the dog if it’s allergic to certain things. Brushing your dog’s hair regularly can help you spot any allergies or figure out your dog’s discomfort easily.

brush your dog regularly
dog’s life

Plus it soothes the dog and helps him relax. You may also use a wet glove to smoothen out the hair and then run a brush through it.

You should check out what things you should not be missing when you groom your dog.

Make Dog Treats at Home

All dogs are different and have different food preferences. Therefore, if you find your dog not particularly attracted to any dog treats available on the market, perhaps it’s time to make some on your own.

You can combine your dog’s favourite food items and invent a special dish for him. Add more nutrients and make sure what you serve to your dog is wholesome.

Also, you can check out some amazing easy DIY dog treats here.

DIY dog treats

Make a Doggy Bed on Your Own

Doggy beds can be quite expensive these days, and quite not the worth it. If you don’t wish to fish out the amount to buy one for your dog, it can be a great idea to make a bed at home all by yourself!

There are many DIY videos that show just how to make a dog bed on your own and they are pretty easy too!

Make Pet Travel Easy and Fun

Travelling can be extremely distressing for your pet, especially if it’s a plane, he has to get on. Therefore it’s ideal to be prepared before the trip.

Make sure your dog is comfortable in the crate you got for him for the travel period. Keep your dog’s favourite toy and other playthings inside so he doesn’t feel too anxious.

You won’t be allowed to feed him six hours prior to hopping on the plane. Therefore prepare him for the process accordingly and help him be less anxious.

If you take care of these things, your dog or puppy is surely gonna have a healthy happy life.

Tell us How would you try to improve your dog’s life.

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