Watch: How Michael Bloomberg Shakes a Dog’s Mouth Instead of Handshake

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How often do you greet a dog by shaking its jaws instead of its paws?

Never really. Because who actually does that? However, Micheal Bloomberg proved that he has an entirely different idea of how to greet a dog.

Michael Bloomberg shakes a dog mouth

Things took a strange turn while campaigning at Vernon last Sunday. On route to greet one of the citizens of the state, he was confronted by a dog. However surprising the entire crew present there, he decided to shake the jaw of the dog to greet him, instead of the paws.

Though the dog looked unharmed, it was obvious that it had not expected such a strange form of greeting. It is not sure whether Bloomberg was unaware of his action or it was just his way to handshake a dog.

The video has since been raising a lot of queries about Bloomberg’s love for the canine and his attitude towards the pet. Many people on social media expressed their wounded feelings by tweeting.

The Presidential candidate, Micheal Bloomberg for Democratic Party has been in the news for quite some time now for campaigning all over the United States for the upcoming elections. Actively involved in preaching his thoughts and ideas among the general population of the United States, he has been receiving lots of positive feedback in the last couple of weeks.

But his action of greeting the dog, is now making people questioning his love for the pets.

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