Dog Mask sale highest ever in China post Coronavirus Outbreak

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Coronavirus has been taking the world through a crazy fear-filled frenzy since the epidemic began to spread. With the death toll reaching an alarmingly high count, it is not surprising to see people gearing up with all kinds of protection possible.

Dog owners all across China have begun to purchase Dog Masks with multiple filters to prevent their dogs from falling prey to the virus. Though researchers and scientist have repeatedly been telling that the transfer of virus to canines is probably not possible, the Chinese population are not willing to take the risk of exposing their beloved pets to the virus that began its initial journey from Wuhan, China.

An e-commerce vendor in Beijing stated that the sale of premium quality and multiple filtered dog mask has increased massively and they are constantly running out of stock, which is a completely different picture than before. Each day over 3000 dog masks are being sold compared to a mere 100 per week previously.


Though the dog masks are not as highly functional as the Human mask for coronavirus, it can help to a great extent said one of the veterinary health experts. An epidemiologist has yet to confirm if the virus can infect animals like dogs and cats.


However many experts believe that even if animals are safe from the virus, it is best to keep them away and in protection unless confirmatory results are out. To battle the deadly virus numerous healthcare companies have come forward with gears and gadgets that can probably filter out the virus.


With over 8.500 human cases reported in the last 1 week, nothing much has yet been known about the origin and mode of transfer of Coronavirus. Chinese people have been noted saying that even if Dog mask may not keep the canines completely safe but it can give them a degree of protection.

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