Watch How This Puppy Fails At Dog Obstacle Course In The Most Spectacular Way!

Watch: How This Puppy Fails At Dog Obstacle Course In The Most Spectacular Way!

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If you’re the kind of person who finds it hard to power through the week despite chanting motivational quotes and starting your day with caffeine stimulations, then this clumsy adorable dog ​​might just be your spirit animal.

Originally, the clip was shared on Twitter by Rex Chapman. This engaging video, of a dog trying to complete an obstacle course, will not only make you chuckle but will also make you realise and confess ‘Ok that’s me’.

This viral clip doing rounds on the internet is equally hilarious and adorable. In the unfoldings you can witness our little golden friend, trying out an obstacle course, failed spectacularly but the little one did it in perhaps the most endearing way possible.

The little pooch stumbled as his hind limbs got stuck on the very high obstacle following which he realised it was time to pack up!! He clearly had enough with the course.

Watch out for this hysterical video here

The video starts with a little golden pooch on a leash, negotiating through the seven obstacles, in an easy gliding motion. Well applauds for this Great work, buddy!

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Then this adorable golden retriever puppy hits the ultimate roadblock and that’s when things go wrong. The little golden baby simply stumbles over it — without actually attempting a jump — and ends up with its head flat on the ground and the hind legs suspended over the obstacle.

Following this, almost for about 12 seconds, the puppy cannot be bothered. That’s where they stop, hanging half over the obstacle, either enjoying the stretch, taking a break, or resisting any future walks through the course—and deep down we know that’s exactly what we would be doing!!

However, in case you are laughing out loud at this cute puppy, remember: we all stumble over some hurdles, we have all been there, nevertheless, the real sport is about moving on.

This video uploaded on Twitter has amassed over 3.8 million views, as of now and the number is just increasing.


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