Freshie, Kid Cudi’s Beloved Dog Passes Away. Cudi pens down a heartbreaking message.

Freshie, Kid Cudi’s Beloved Dog Passes Away. Cudi pens down a heartbreaking message.

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We are quite familiar with the fact that Dogs are Mans’ best friend. And probably the hardest thing to do is to say goodbye to your companion. The anguish and void that seeps in, is absolutely devastating. In one such heartbreaking incident, the American rapper, Kid Cudi lost his longtime “best friend” and “guardian angel”, Freshie. 

The 37-year-old rapper shared the devastating news with an absolutely heartfelt note on Twitter, in the memory of this 11 year long companionship with Freshie. 

The pen down will leave you teary-eyed and with an earnest need to snuggle up with your furry companions. 

Cudi in his lengthy post accompanied with some adorable pictures and videos of Freshie wrote, “I got some sad news, Freshie is gone. He left us a couple of days ago, calmly at home, encompassed by people that adored him. His family. I told my best friend that he was my dearest companion, a great and special boy and that I adored him and I’ll miss him so much. I felt my boy’s heart stop beating as he slipped away. Freshie has been a vital part of my life since 2010.”

The American Rapper recalled welcoming Freshie into his life to become more comfortable around the canines on the To Make It In America, sets. Kid informed that he had no clue that with Freshie, he was signing in for great companionship and acquiring my closest pal. Cudi further added, “We have been hanging around for a very long time and my life has been quite a rollercoaster this entire time. But my best friend, Freshie, was consistent with me through it all. He adored me. He truly did. He came up and licked me in case I was crying, he wanted to lay in bed with me, he was always close by. Freshie was not just my best friend, he was my [guarding] angel.”

Cudi acknowledged that his life will be “more empty” with the absence of his four-legged pal. In fact, with Freshie having crossed the Rainbow Bridge it’s nothing but a big Void for Cudi. 

Further, Cudi even confessed to being a complete mess. He shared how as soon as he wakes up, his first waking thought is of his four-legged companion. The American rapper mentioned how he often breaks down, crying, at random moments of the day. 

Cudi concluding his message wrote, “You better run up and give me so much love. I’m heartily looking forward to it. I love you forever. Till we meet on the other side, my dear special boy.” 

In a number of follow-up tweets, Kid Cudi shared several adorable pictures of Freshie over the years. Cudi also responded to fans sharing their heartfelt tributes to Freshie.  

Rest in peace, Freshie. 


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