Dog portrays his unconditional devotion, awaiting his owner’s return every day. Watch the viral video

Dog portrays his unconditional devotion, awaiting his owner’s return every day. Watch the viral video

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Remember Hachi? The dog, that was the paradigm of absolute love and devotion. However, it’s just not Hachi, the best attribute that dogs epitomize is dedication. They love with their entire hearts and aren’t hesitant to devote themselves to their family. And this dog, in the viral video, is just the embodiment of all that.

A recent viral clip, surfacing the internet, has materialized the unconditional love and devotion of the four-legged creatures, in the form of Toby’s story.

Toby, a crossbreed from Peru, watches his human leave for work every day. In fact, rooted on the family’s balcony, Toby keeps watching until he can no longer see his parent.

As a matter of fact, even this small daily separation takes a toll on Toby and he is affected by separation anxiety. Nevertheless, fortunately, his family—including the fellow four-legged companion Spaik—keeps him company and helps him calm down.

The two dogs adore each other, they simply love hugging, digging holes, and playing tag, together. However, The vast majority of the long, inactive days pass gradually for Toby, as he anticipates his Hooman’s return. He’s been with the family since he was a little pup, along with Spaik.

Checkout, more of it from Toby and Spike below, in the video accompanied with the caption- “Toby and his love; an unconditional love.”

The original video sharing Toby’s bond with his parent has garnered nearly 8 million views!

And as for Toby’s wait, well it is with the sunset that it finally ends. Finishing his work Toby’s parent is finally reunited with his devoted lovely pooch. And what’s more, once Toby reunites with his owner, he can simply not contain himself, after a long day of waiting. He is all over his man, jumping and showering his parent with unconditional love.

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And as Toby loves his hoo-man thoroughly, again the next day, on schedule he waits on his man with full love and deviation. This ardent love in all its innocence and devotion is simply heart-warming.

As for his part, Toby’s owner describes Toby as “the best” and loves sharing video updates on their TikTok social handle with more than 500,000 followers.

Toby and Spike, along with their parent, share adventures with fans on TikTok and YouTube, showing how strong their bond and love is, and it simply keeps growing with time.

In another video on their social handle, named “Toby: Mi amigo,” Toby’s parents brand him as “exceptionally smart,” and says that he “makes us all chuckle.”


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