gay dog is adopted by gay parents

Fresco, the ‘Gay’ Dog, Is Adopted by a Loving Gay Couple Under 48 Hours of Being Abandoned

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Social media plays a big role in bringing justice to people. The wide coverage and reach of the social media platforms make the news reach millions before days pass and people create a community and movement to do right by others. Such is the story of Fezco, the 5-year-old ‘Gay’ dog who was abandoned by his parents for humping another male dog.  The dog has been adopted by a gay couple, Steve Nichols and John Winn after they saw the news circulating on the internet.

WCCB-TV reported the news of the dog abandoned at Stanly County Animal Protective Services by his parents in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Nichols says that he was scrolling through his Facebook feed when he read the news. He was shocked but then he scrolled down. Then, he felt something snap inside him. Years of repression, bullying, bigotry and ignorance bubbled up inside of him and he went back and read the story again.

He knew what he had to do. He discussed the issue with his husband and they both decided that this time, they are going to do something about it. Within 48 hours of being abandoned, Fezco found a new forever home where he would be loved and understood.

Fezco Has a New Name

However, the pooch has a new identity now. The couple has renamed the dog Oscar after one of the most notorious gay celebrities of all time ‘Oscar Wilde’. Steve and John have another dog they rescued named Harry. They named the dog after the groomsman at their wedding. 

The couple doesn’t like to give their dogs insignificant names like fluffy and all. They like to name their dogs after significant humans.

After bringing Fezco home, Nichols says they had to immediately take him to the doctor. He was in a bad condition and was treated for heartworm and given a thorough health check-up. 

The doctor has examined the dog and said that his humping behaviour had nothing to do with his sexuality.

Dogs do it playfully and also to assert dominance. No one can know what the sexuality of the dog is by who he humps. 

Nichols however says that he is positive that the dog is not gay. He does not like his pictures being taken. Nichols jokingly says that every gay person likes his pictures being taken. 

No one knows what the sexuality of the dog is, however, Steve Nichols says that it makes perfect sense that a gay dog is adopted by gay parents. 

It is a positive thing that Fresco gets a new home, a new name and a new life. The dog would be appreciated and loved just like he deserves to be.

Fezco, now Oscar, is a loving and playful buddy and he likes being around humans. He would be happy with Steve Nichols and John Winn.

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