Cute Golden Retriever dog doesn’t like mornings and sleeps all day. Watch cute video

Nobody likes mornings, not even this cute Golden Retriever, Watch the adorable video.

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Dogs are more like humans than any other creature. One thing that is surprising but they share with us is that just like us they are not a morning person. Just like us humans, they don’t like to wake up in the morning. They enjoy the evenings or the nights but never the morning. Just like us, they love to have brunch, sleep till late. 

Recently, a video was posted on Instagram by a page that posts dog videos. The video is so adorable that it went viral soon after it was posted. The video shows a cute golden retriever who is not a big fan of mornings, and the video was uploaded just a day back. Just in 24 hours, the video has garnered more than 90k views. The video is so fun to watch that you won’t stop watching it.

The dog is just like us-

The video starts with a dog who is visibly lazy in the morning. The dog is drowsing and not at all in the mood to wake up. The text on the video reads ‘My dog hates mornings and loves to sleep all day. Isn’t it relatable? The dog can be seen later in the video sleeping on a couch. Again in the video, it can be seen that the dog is pretty active and running around the house. The dog is looking energetic in the evening and drowsy in the morning. In the evening, the dog is visibly energetic.

The caption on the video says, ‘When 5 pm hits. What time is your dog’s witching hour?’

The video got an enormous amount of love. People showered love in the comment section. A few of the comments were like, ‘Sleepy girl’. Another said, ‘Sleep all day, party all night.’ One of the users even went against the law of nature and said that ‘We do our best when the sun goes down.’ ‘I am a morning person, I would prefer to be in the bed by 7 PM.’ commented a dog account.

The dog in the video is a cute golden retriever. She has her own account with over 2.16 lakh followers on Instagram. The cute Golden Retriever dog is named Lady.

Watch it once and trust me you are gonna love it. This video is going to make you feel relatable. This dog named Lady is gonna make your day.

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